Trump looking into pardoning military members accused or convicted of war crimes: report

Jim Campbell's

Comments by Jim Campbell

May 19th 2019

Perhaps many will remember my asking you to write to the
Secretary of the Army and the Joint Chiefs of Staff asking them to
review Clagget’s case and recommend clemency.

Some will agree or disagree with my points.

I spent 4 years trying to help Corey, working with his attorney and he was royally screwed when he took the advice of his jag officer, a female that had never tried a murder case.

Had he declared his action to be premeditated murder, his punishment would have been shorter, not under Obama, but with a commander-in-chief with an ounce of sense.

This is not the first time a member in combat has been wrongly found guilty for following direct orders and it won’t be the last.

The military judicial system is not infallible.

Corey with his mom Melanie as he goes to serve his…

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