SpyGate coup to remove Trump is worse than Watergate


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American Thinker

By J. Marsolo


The SpyGate coup to elect Hillary, prevent the election of President Trump, and sabotage Trump’s presidency is far worse than Watergate.  It will be proven so with the investigation by U.S. attorney Durham, appointed by Attorney General Barr.  The Democrats and the corrupt media know this, which is the reason they are attacking A.G. Barr.

The Democrats, led and aided by a compliant media that reported the FBI leaks, and some Republicans, forced Richard Nixon to resign.  The immediate cause was the so-called smoking gun tape of June 23, 1972 where Nixon suggested that the CIA tell the FBI to back off its investigation.  The tape was released by Nixon on August 5, 1974 following a Supreme Court decision.

The 1972 tape was the basis for the obstruction of justice argument against Nixon.  Watergate started as a breaking into the DNC offices to search and copy records.


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Compare this to the Obama Justice Department and FBI clearing Hillary of the email scandal and trying to sabotage Trump’s election and his presidency.  The corrupt media led and assisted the Obama DOJ and FBI and now continue to drive the attack on President Trump, despite the Mueller Report that found no collusion.

There is no serious dispute about the facts.  An excellent summary is Greg Jarrett’s book, The Russia Hoax (Harper Collins, 2018).

The Obama DOJ and FBI cleared Hillary of obvious violations of numerous laws over her use of a private email server so she could run for the presidency and win.  Obama knew that Hillary wasn’t using the approved secure State Department email system because Hillary communicated with Obama with the unsecure email system.  A prosecution of Hillary would involve Obama.  Hillary would have argued that Obama knew of her use of a private email server and thus approved her use, which would have been a good defense.  Obama had motive to protect his legacy as well as helping Hillary beat President Trump.

Moreover, Obama announced that Hillary made a “mistake” but did not intend to break the law.  This was a clear signal to James Comey’s FBI, which not surprisingly came to the same Obama conclusion.

But it wasn’t enough to give Hillary a pass on her violations.  The Obama DOJ and FBI then used the unverified Steele “Dossier,” full of false charges, to obtain FISA warrants, without probable cause, to spy on the Trump campaign.  In addition, the Obama FBI tried to insert informants into the Trump campaign.

The Obama DOJ and FBI, aided by their cheerleaders in the media, and the NeverTrump Republicans, could not and did not defeat Trump.  The next step was to destroy the Trump presidency to nullify the votes of over 63 million Americans.

Obama knew what his DOJ and FBI did during the campaign.  FBI agent Lisa Page texted FBI agent Peter Strzok on September 2, 2016: “Potus wants to know everything we’re doing.”

Trump fired Comey.  In retaliation, Comey leaked FBI memos to force the DOJ to appoint his friend, Robert Mueller, as special counsel to investigate the unfounded charges of Trump’s collusion with Russia to win the presidency.  There was no credible evidence to warrant the special counsel.  After two years, Mueller and his gang of 19 Hillary-Obama attorneys had to conclude there was no collusion because there was no collusion.  Mueller knew this on the day of his appointment.

How is Nixon saying that the CIA tell the FBI to back off worse than the Obama DOJ and FBI using the Hillary-paid-for dossier to try to beat Trump, and then to remove Trump, and having the FBI clear Hillary?

Nixon was trying to protect his men from criminal prosecutions for a stupid breaking and entering to steal DNC records.  Nixon did not have the DOJ, FBI, and CIA investigate George McGovern, the 1972 Democratic nominee.  Obama’s DOJ and FBI used the courts to obtain warrants based on the Hillary-paid-for dossier that they knew was not verified.  They intentionally failed to inform the FISA court that the information relied upon for the warrant was unverified — and bought and paid for by Hillary.

In the Nixon case, the FBI did not stop its investigation.  At worst, there was a discussion of an attempt by having the CIA ask the FBI to stop.  But the CIA refused.  At least Nixon’s CIA, unlike Obama’s CIA and DOJ, had integrity.

The Obama-Hillary gang did not merely “ask.”  You cannot get more active than by filing four applications for warrants, not based on probable cause, to a FISA court, and trying to insert informants.

If we apply the Nixon standard, then A.G. Barr was correct to appoint a U.S. attorney, Durham, to investigate the FISA warrants, which means investigation of Obama, Hillary, Comey, Strzok, McCabe, Lynch, Page, Brennan, Clapper, Ohr, and others.  Further, the Senate should establish a committee similar to the Watergate committee so the public can see this bunch testify.

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