5 thoughts on “In case you forgot

  1. You got to quit posting this stuff dragon, I’m afraid to sleep at night, as it is I sleep in a boat. Great find. J.C.

    • Rest easy my friend,you don’t need to worry until you see the rich and the Hollywood elites start selling their beach houses. Until then you have nothing to worry about.

  2. Reblogged this on Jim Campbell's and commented:
    Not sleeping that well and night and then you post this stuff? I’ve got it covered I’ m sleeping in a boat, yours is in the mail.

  3. The” manufactured crisis” in an of itself. I’d love to ask Castro granddaughter AOC , Al I invented the internet Gore and all others to explain why more of the protected class of wet backs die in there insurgencies than any other species other than birds in the global warming hoax. But my blood pressure rises and emotions heat up thinking of both the five top worst offenders regulate the UN council of human rights commission an the growing influence of the Organization of Islamic conference. The UN resolution 16/18 pushed by then security of state and later failed Muslim brotherhood presidential candidate crooked Hilary Clinton. Don’t let me get started on the Jew hating and Green no deal both ultimately serve to destroy

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