4 thoughts on “Just Remember their Rules

  1. I beg to differ with you dragon: Democratic Socialism means communism.
    Toxic Masculinity only exists among leftist transvestites and the rest of their party affiliates who participant in disgusting lifestyles, with “Fudge Packers, leading the list.
    Political correctness is only brought up among the brainwashed.

    Assault weapon? They could identify one if their lives depended upon it.

    Yes Pro choice in their vapid minds means killing the newborn.
    Undocumented Voter: Anyone with a face that votes for the left.

    Climate change no scientific basis for this communist plan to tax Americans. Climate change occurs, but not in a vacuum.

    The two greatest polluters of green house gasses are China and India, they have no plans to play.
    Inequality= Our money should be theirs. If they feel that strongly about it come and take it if you can.

    Fascists, Nazis and Racists are who they are, no doubt about it. J.C.

  2. Reblogged this on The Tactical Hermit and commented:
    Just remember the last one, that is their “catch all” term!

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