Eric Holder: America Was Never Great


Socialism is not the Answer

1 Dragon


Oh Eric, apparently you have been playing with that box of rocks. Let me give you some simple examples of how America was great.

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Hey Eric, maybe you should just retire and let a real man run the country.

Unlike your former boss.



DC Dirty Laundry

President Obama’s former attorney general Eric Holder said last week on MSNBC that America was never great.




4 thoughts on “Eric Holder: America Was Never Great

  1. Who ever said he was? He’s a criminal who will soon be brought to justice.
    Here’s a thought, the words cool and hot can be used to describe the same thing. Those words will ever be use in a sentence to describe Holder, dog shit works best, Your images above are great and important, Thanks dragon.

  2. Oh Jeeze just watched the video and puked, using circular logic he tried to paint the Mona Lisa with a nail gun.

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