Democrat Prepared Cohen Testimony Falls Flat As America Shrugs And Says, WHO CARES?

DC Whispers

Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney for President Donald Trump and confessed serial liar, came to Congress, read from a prepared statement that is alleged to have first been approved by Democrats, and then proceeded to regurgitate old claims that have been played out in the media over the last 24 months. Yes, the Establishment Media will once again gasp and nod and claim there is something new there, but in the end, even they know the Cohen show has fallen flat and further confirmed how terribly out of touch with the American mainstream the Democrat Party has become.


And even then Democrats and Cohen unintentionally revealed that the entire Trump/Russia narrative was a hoax from the very beginning…


While the more reasonable members of Congress shook their heads at how silly and hypcritical the entire sideshow had become…


Oh, and there’s all the undercurrent stuff swirling around the Cohen show as well, including his attorney and longtime Clinton fixer, Lanny Davis, and Mr. Davis’s apparent ties to none other than Vlad Putin…


And Mr. Cohen was also being called out in real time as he continued to lie under oath about not wanting a job in the Trump White House…


Yet, despite what a failed sideshow the Cohen spectacle has been, whispers continue to spread that select staff of high-ranking Democrat members of Congress are at this very moment preparing articles of impeachment against President Trump based largely upon the Cohen testimony. They don’t actually believe the president will be forced out of office, but are very much dedicated to seeing the label “impeached” placed around him as he prepares for the 2020 Election, thinking that perhaps President Trump will choose not to run for re-election or that should he run he’ll be soundly defeated via the weight of the impeachment stigma.

Politics and power—it seems that’s all that matters to these Democrats.



2 thoughts on “Democrat Prepared Cohen Testimony Falls Flat As America Shrugs And Says, WHO CARES?

  1. Good one dragon, I didn’t see why a guy who lied previously before congress should be taken seriously. He’s now just a low life ambulance chaser destined to be disbarred. J.C.

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