Did Obama Pay Journos For Positive Coverage And To Attack Trump? Why yes, yes he did…

DC Whispers

It was called the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act signed into law in 2016 by then-President Obama (and allowed by Establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan) that took effect in 2017 and allocated a whopping $160 MILLION taxpayer dollars over two years to pay for government-sponsored propaganda. The money is now gone and guess what? About 1000 journalists are suddenly being laid off.

Coincidence? Hah! This was classic Obama, reaching into the bottomless trough of taxpayer dollars to push his self-promoting agenda. He did it with green energy, America-last trade agreements, and his post-2016 coverage to help ensure he remained relevant in order to quickly accumulate tens of millions of dollars worth of book deals, Netflix deals, and speaking fees. 

It’s enough to make even the Clintons blush. 

image: https://preview.redd.it/tm0zumfzgzd21.png?width=1024&auto=webp&s=dc30ea3e142ba81f067c311638c19e1e2037afb7

image: https://media.cntraveler.com/photos/594d432ad9f2557072bf3816/master/pass/obamavacationbali.jpg

Image result for obama on vacation


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3 thoughts on “Did Obama Pay Journos For Positive Coverage And To Attack Trump? Why yes, yes he did…

  1. Barrack Hussein Obama deposed usurped emperor and Muslim brotherhood employee of the year. If you like your OBAMACAIR

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