Uneducated and unintelligent people vote Democrat

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

December 24th, 2018

Look no further than the do nothings who supported Hillary, like Hillary they showed no grace in what will be called the “Great Steam Rolling of 2016.

Yep, candidate Trump steam rolled not just Hillary, but the entire Democrat Party and the fake media.

You can look at the demographics from the last presidential election, which shows the stats for income.

Supporters of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton react during election night at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York on November 8, 2016. / AFP / Kena Betancur (Photo credit should read KENA BETANCUR/AFP/Getty Images)

You can look at the 2008 election which shows Obama getting 73% of the $15,000/year or less vote, 60% of the $15,000-$29,999/year vote, and 55% of the $30k-$50k vote.

The reader can follow that trend to the 2004 election, to the 2000 election

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Democrats, Media Were Silent When Obama Fired Mattis

Defense Secretaries come and go. Obama had four of them in 8 years who had some unkind things to say about his leadership or lack of it. There was no talk of chaos or of the only adult in the room leaving. Suddenly the media is in meltdown after “Mad Dog” Mattis announced his departure from the Cabinet after President Trump announced our departure from Syria:

Foreign Policy Pentagon reporter Lara Seligman wrote the press corp is contemplating suicide over Mattis’ resignation, “I think I speak for all national security reporters tonight when I say I’m about ready to jump off a cliff. But at least I already wrote the “who will replace Mattis” story two months (only two months?????) ago @ForeignPolicy

Democrats who won’t defend our southern border and who slept as Obama drew red lines in the sand with vanishing ink worry about an ISIS Obama created by a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq regaining strength and reforming in Syria and Iraq. The general Obama fired is suddenly a man of principle whose leadership was indispensable:

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