Democrats and Republicans Uniting on Red Flag Gun Laws

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

December 17th 2018

Make no mistake about it, Lindsey Graham is a RINO, has always been a RINO and will die one his well.

Once amazing speech in the support of Supreme Court Justice Kavanagh  does not a patriot make.

He voted for both the racist Sotomayor and the liar Kagan.

1935 will go down in History!

For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration!

Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead to the future! — Adolf Hitler

The Freedom Outpost

David Risselada

December 17, 2018

Passing these laws and eliminating our rights to due process is a clear violation of the constitution let alone giving the attorney general the power to fund it with our money.

People need to awaken to the fact that Democrats and Republicans are uniting on this issue and…

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Gallup: Americans Say No. 1 Problem is ‘Government,’ No. 2 is ‘Immigration’


By Michael W. Chapman

— A new survey shows that the “top problem” cited by Americans is “government,” and the second top problem is “immigration.” For contrast, among the issues seen as least problematic for Americans are “unemployment-jobs” and “gun control/guns.”

In the survey, conducted by Gallup after the midterm elections, the polling firm asked Americans about the country’s top problems and then listed those issues that were “mentioned by at least 3% of respondents.”

Nineteen percent of respondents cited “government” as the problem, making it the top issue of concern. In second place came “immigration,” cited by 16% of the respondents. However, when broken down politically, 29% of Republicans said immigration is a problem but only 7% of Democrats said the same.


Only 8% of respondents said “unifying the country” was a problem, and only 3% said unemployment-jobs and then gun control/guns were a problem.

Also, only 5% said “healthcare” was a problem.

“These data come from a Gallup Dec. 3-12 survey, conducted as a looming budget impasse between Republicans and Democrats threatened to shut down the government,” reported Gallup. “The government has commonly been cited in recent years as the most important problem facing the country, with the problem having received or been tied for the most mentions — 22 times in the last 24 months.”

“As another potential partial shutdown of the Federal government approaches, government is again mostly likely to be cited by Americans as the most important problem facing the country,” said Gallup.  “However, the current level noting government dissatisfaction is still below the 25% who cited the issue in January of this year, a few weeks prior to the last time the Federal government faced a shutdown. That shutdown ended after three days.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Vice President Mike Pence,
President Donald Trump, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). (Getty Images)


“Organized Crime Bosses Ruling Us By Fear…”

DC Clothesline

Two “forensic accountants” have found what some would claim are the “smoking guns” with regard to the apparent illegal activities of the Clinton Foundation.  I don’t want to dilute their testimony, so I defer to the video below, which ought to astonish readers regarding the apparent lack of interest in proceedings going further on investigating former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Is The Clinton Foundation Under Investigation?
16:31 minutes

If a Green Beret Is a War Criminal, then So Is Obama

Image via


American Thinker

By Daniel John Sobieski

One would think that in war the duty of a soldier is to kill the enemy before he kills you or your fellow soldiers. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are different in that the enemy doesn’t usually obey the rules of war, like wearing uniforms and rank insignia, and there are no “front lines” per se, only improvised explosive devices and sniper fire from second-floor windows or civilians used as human shields.

That is where Mathew Golsteyn found himself in 2010 when the Green Beret killed a Taliban bomb-maker who had  killed two Marines, Sgt. Jeremy R. McQueary and Lance Cpl. Raymon A. Johnson,  in a war where only one side obeys the rules and the other is trapped by rules of engagement that make no sense and an Obama administration treating the whole thing as a law enforcement matter:


Golsteyn, in 2010, had been deployed to Afghanistan with the 3rd Special Forces Group. During the Battle of Marja, two Marines in his unit ended up getting killed by booby-trapped explosives hidden in the area, and Golsteyn and his men later located the suspected Taliban bomb maker.

But there was a problem: the alleged terrorist was not on a list of targets U.S. forces were cleared to kill, Fox News previously has reported. After the man was detained, Golsteyn said the suspect refused to talk to investigators.

Under the rules of engagement, Golsteyn was ordered to release him. However, Golsteyn was concerned that if he did so, the suspect would have in turn targeted Afghans who were helping U.S. soldiers…

Golsteyn told Fox News he ended up killing the suspected Taliban bombmaker — although details of where and when the killing occurred are in dispute. Two years later, he’s facing a murder charge for it.

“Major Mathew Golsteyn’s immediate commander has determined that sufficient evidence exists to warrant the preferral of charges against him,” U.S. Army Special Operations Command spokesman Lt. Col. Loren Bymer told Fox News in a statement Friday. “Major Golsteyn has been charged with the murder of an Afghan male during his 2010 deployment to Afghanistan.”

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A Different Report on Michael Flynn Sentencing

I was just watching “The Joe Pags Show” on television. I heard something much like this about the Flynn sentencing today (I paraphrase):


Judge to Flynn: “In all my years on the bench I’ve never accepted a guilty plea from someone who wasn’t guilty. You take three months to go figure this out/think this over.” (As I said — I paraphrase)


I think this is about exactly what a caller reported was said at that sentencing.

Most of the previous reports I had read said things like this: “The judge was giving all the signs that he was going to sentence Flynn to prison time. Gave him a chance to postpone to maximize his cooperation.”

What I heard on “The Joe Pags Show says something QUITE DIFFERENT.