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This phony bomb scare FALSE FLAG is aimed at DIVERTING the media’s attention AWAY FROM THE INVASION coming from Mexico and also to GENERATE SYMPATHY FOR THE DEMONRATS AHEAD OF THE MIDTERM ELECTION!

This PHONY BOMB scare seeks to paint conservatives as VIOLENT.. Watch CNN and the other Deep State puppets pound this story to DEATH. WHAT ABOUT THE INVASION FROM MEXICO? WILL THAT LOSING STORY FOR THE DEMONRAT PARTY NOW DISAPPEAR?

Will the sender of these alleged bombs turn out to be a George Soros operative or DNC HACK?

How can the media say the bomb maker “knew what he was doing” while knowing NONE of these supposed devices detonated?

Saul Alinsky is still at work, apparently. This PHONY BOMB SCARE is right out of his playbook!


Image via Right Bias

There Is No Electoral College Debate: The Twelfth Amendment Prevents It

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

October 22, 2018

And the Democrats scheme to scrap it.

Why should a minority of leftist states be able to impose their will upon all of America and Americans?

But of course they would be a  major problem for them the U.S. Constitution is in their way.

Most educated voters know that Americans vote for the President every four years, but did you know that the Electoral College that actually elects the President?

The Twelfth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides the basis for the Electoral College.(Source)

The Electoral College is made up of representatives from each state and Washington DC and the biggest states will have more representatives, which we call “electors.”

These electors will give all of their votes to the Presidential candidate that wins the popular vote in each state.

The popular vote is to total number of people that vote for…

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