Federal judge sides with CAIR against parents, students, in favor of “Islamophobia” initiative in San Diego schools

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The destruction of our country and the Christian principles upon which it was founded will for decades to come be undermined by the appointment of leftist judges like Cynthia Bashant.

Judges can be impeached and this would seem to be an excellent reason for parents of the San Diego Union School District to consider doing so. (Source)

Once again, the “Islamophobia” canard is being wielded by CAIR as a means to attain special status to Muslims.

This is being done in public school systems, but is as yet unrecognized by authorities for what it is.

A federal judge has sided with the Council on…

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Fight To Replace Darth Vader Ginsburg Has Already Begun


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Flopping Aces


Absent any allegation that Judge Brett Kavanaugh was the serpent who gave Eve the apple in the Garden of Eden, Associate Justice Kavanaugh will soon haunt Democrats like Justice Clarence Thomas before him for decades to come, with or without an asterisk next to his name. Yet this is no time to celebrate for already the mudslingers of the left are pouring over President Trump’s list of deplorable judicial nominees for things the next nominee can be falsely accused of as the spawn of Satan.

From Dianne Feinstein’s withholding of Dr. Ford’s conveniently leaked letter to Kamala Harrris’ clumsily edited Kavanaugh tape, we have seen the shape of things to come for future Trump nominees. Senate Democrats will lie, manipulate, and just plain make things up for the sake of power over principle and the only way to make sure they do not succeed in the future is to make sure in November there are fewer Senate Democrats.

The timing of President Trump’s October 1 rally for GOP Tennessee Senate candidate Rep. Marsha Blackburn is coincidental but fortuitous, for the seat being vacated by Bob Corker, who has said yes to Kavanaugh, is one the must be held as others are gained to ensure that Kavanaugh’s originalist view of the Constitution is restored as the dominant and permanent philosophy of the Supreme Court.

Hopefully voters, independent voters in particular, will have been sufficiently turned off by McCarthyite Democrats embracing tabloid accusations with no dates, times, places or corroborating witnesses to defame a judicial superstar with an unblemished record and life to ensure the GOP keeps and expands its Senate majority. Hopefully they will realize that next time it could be their son, father, brother, uncle or cousin that is targeted for slander and slime. Women should be heard, but they should not automatically believed. Just ask the Duke lacrosse team.

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