NRA Wins Lawsuit in Washington State, Prevents I-1639 From Appearing on Ballot

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

August 17, 2018

The anti gun zealots likely believe what they are doing by throwing more and more road blocks in front of U.S. Citizens is doing something important.

All they are doing is coming up with new ways for law-abiding citizens to circumvent the law making them potential criminals is they get sick ad tired of city, county, town and state over reach.

This may not require a civil war, but a revolutionary war to set the zealots straight.

Image by Jon McNaughton

Where will the put this new brand of criminal, in prison?

The prisons are already overcrowded with murders, rapists, home invaders and street scum.

They will never be able to take our guns during the current administration unless they want to push themselves into a very uncivil war.

It makes them 3 all warm and fuzzy inside without accomplishing a thing.


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