George Webb Lead Investigator Dies Mysteriously

George Webb Youtube Channel

George Webb is one of the strongest and most knowledgeable investigators into Deep State. Those that have followed him in the past know that he unearths tons of material facts connected with deep state movements, tactics, countermoves.

Webb nee Sweigart was one of the first to uncover the Awan spy ring in Congress, Uranium 1, the Gulftainer deal, and just about everything else in between. He was instrumental in bringing attention to McCabe as a Dirty Cop who oversaw massive corruption within the FBI and who himself was and is massively corrupt.

The level of detail and depth of his reporting is nothing short of amazing. He makes every news broadcaster in corporate news studios look lame by comparison.

Webb is particularly expert at IT, at cyber matters of national security, at explaining rogue CIA tactics. He is a massive brain who strikes fear into the deep state. The man is a walking encyclopedia of facts, processes, tactics of deep state actors. Webb supports President Trump in everything he does. He knows the deception of the corporate media and has personally suffered from their attacks.

Webb amassed some of the best sleuths together into a network that got at the root of many of the scandals and crimes we are just now watching unfold. Webb’s team knew and reported months ago, a year ago, what we see reported today by IG, AG, POTUS. Webb is always hundreds of steps ahead of all the others.

Today Webb, who stands 6’8″ with a large frame, was in tears. One of his strongest and most fearless investigators, an incredibly brave and heroic woman called ‘Taskforce’ died mysteriously in a hotel after spending the weekend investigating pedo crimes against children. Taskforce was always kept out of view of Webb’s cameras and her real name was kept secret. Taskforce had her own investigative team out of Chicago. Webb spent 14 hours a day with Taskforce for the last 9 months.

Taskforce was a law enforcement officer who had no fear of death. She was viewed by all that worked with her as extremely courageous, a modern day Joan of Arc. She was not born a Christian but through her life, she became a devout Christian and expert on Revelations. She was convinced we are living out the prophecies of Revelations today.

She died today in her hotel room of apparent hemorrhaging of the brain. More information will be coming out about her life and death.

Robyn Gritz, a true patriot and formerly a high ranking official in the FBI with stellar credits and real accomplishments, who was railroaded out of the FBI by McCabe and who formed an alliance with General Mike Flynn, is a good friend and colleague of George Webb. Robyn has pledged to ensure PG County MD investigators will leave no stone unturned to find the cause of death.

Everyone who knew Taskforce said she was beautiful and incredibly brave. She would walk into dangerous situations everywhere and get right to the bottom of what was going down.

Webb released her name on his last video of the evening. Her name was ‘Jenny Moore’. Photos of her will be posted. She made videos on Youtube as well but migrated them all to BitChute. I will be getting instructions on how to find her work on BitChute shortly.

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