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Socialism s not the Answer

by 1 Dragon


This is been bugging me for sometime and I cannot seem to find the answer. Then Rush asked the same question. When obama gave the $150 billion to Iran, where did he get the money? If Congress didn’t authorize it, where did he get the money? I don’t know of any ATM that has that much in it. So where did he get the money?


5 thoughts on “Question ????

  1. Very interesting dragon, I never gave it a thought, clearly he arranged to have it stolen or got some Muslim countries favorable to the cause to donate. Think of them as the Rag head version of the Clinton Foundation.

  2. dragon,
    In making the Iran Nuclear Deal, the United States has complacently given Iran $150 billion dollars, funds which even Secretary Kerry admitted,“…some of it will end up in the hands of the [Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps] or of other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists.”

    To make matters worse, this deal has exposed even worse dealings with Iran. Recently, it was uncovered that the Obama administration PAID Iran $1.3 billion, supposedly for a failed arms dealing, but this payment was coincidentally timed with the release of political hostages.

    Senator Rubio commented, “The payments were made within hours of the hostages being released, and the plane carrying the hostages was not allowed to leave Tehran until the plane with the ransom payment arrived… payments conditioned on the release of hostages are ransom payments, no matter what other dispute they are intended to settle.”
    ​As Mainers and as Americans we need to take a hard stance against terrorism and countries that fund terrorist activities. Cynical Chellie Pingree clearly does not feel the same. This is why we need a change

    *****I’ve always been led to believe that most of the money returned were frozen assets that belonged to Iran before the deal. Just another reason to quit drinking French Wines and driving Peuogets !

  3. He went straight to the Federal Reserve and had them print the required money.

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