Top Comey lawyers Lisa Page and Peter Baker suddenly leaving their sinking FBI ship

American Thinker

By Thomas Lifson

In a move likely related to the pending release of the inspect general’s report on the DOJ and FBI, the two top lawyers who served James Comey suddenly decided to find paychecks from other sources and have left their jobs at the FBI.

There are more mysteries than facts available on the move at this time.  The P.R. spin is that both “resigned,” but that could well mask an ultimatum to resign or be fired.  The fact that the news of both departing came out at the same time suggests that some external factor was at work.

Here is the New York Times version:

Two top F.B.I. aides who worked alongside the former director James B. Comey as he navigated one of the most politically tumultuous periods in the bureau’s history resigned on Friday.

The Times notes that Baker “was one of Mr. Comey’s closest confidants.”

While Page “advised Mr. Comey while serving directly under his deputy, Andrew G. McCabe.”

The subterranean forces at work are far more interesting but completely speculative.  It has been theorized by some, most notably Sundance at Conservative Treehouse, that the reason Baker, Page, and her former lover Peter Strzok remained on the public payroll was that they had turned state’s evidence when confronted with proof of their crimes, in hopes of avoiding long prison sentences.  But now, Sundance notes that Baker already has lined up a job that would seem put him in opposition to Trump and the prosecution.  Quoting the New York Times:

Mr. Baker said in a telephone interview that he would be joining the Brookings Institution to write for Lawfare, its blog focused on national security law. (read more)

The New York Times (Michael Schmidt) focuses a great deal of energy attaching James Baker’s current perspective to James Comey as opposed to Andrew McCabe.  Remember, Schmidt was the leak recipient from Comey via Benjamin Wittes (loyalty articles etc.).

Additionally, Baker going to work for Wittes at Lawfare..

(Hi Ben!)

… indicates he has NOT been granted prosecutorial immunity.   If James Baker had immunity as part of his cooperation deal he would not be going to work for Wittes at Lawfare blog.

Sundance theorizes that the Lawfare group has been involved in coaching the FBI-DOJ plotters on implementing the “insurance policy” – i.e., the Russia collusion fairy tale.  This may be true, but I’d like to see evidence.  I would note that Brookings is headed by Strobe Talbott, a close friend of the Clintons ever since Bill’s days at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.  Talbott is a notable Russophile, as well, with many old connections in Moscow and elsewhere.

Politico reports that Page also has another paycheck in prospect:

A source close to Page said she has another paycheck lined up, but declined to provide details.

The comparative financial security of these conspirators sharply contrasts with the financial ruin facing figures like Michael Caputo, General Michael Flynn, and Roger Stone, who have endured ruinous legal fees.  The Deep State takes care of its own, apparently.

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