Best Internet links from the Dan Bongino Show regarding the “Russian Collusion” spying scandal.

Dan Bongino Website

I believe the spying on Donald Trump and a host of other Americans by the FBI, DOJ, CIA, DNC, Clinton Campaign and the Obama Administrationis the most serious scandal in the history of the United States. Before this is all said and done, it is going to be a watershed event in American history.

Spying on an opposition candidate in a Presidential election by leveraging the full power of the federal government agencies in a coordinated effort is unprecedented. I am firmly convinced, as is Dan Bongino, that this entire thing was a setup from the very beginning.

Of all the places on the Internet that I get information from, I have found Dan Bongino to be by far the most useful in helping me to understand the scope of this scandal. His podcasts are informative and entertaining, and he includes links each day with his podcast to various articles and opinion pieces from around the Internet.

These links encompass the political spectrum from far left to far right (and everything in between) and Dan Bongino includes them so that we can use the Left’s own words and opinions against them, and I think it works brilliantly.

These are links from Dan Bongino to sources all over the Internet (and to his website and podcasts) for shows from Episode 628 on January 8, 2018 where he began covering this issue in earnest.

NOTE: I know that FR can be very touchy (and often for good reason) about people pimping blogs, but I hope that this thread is both allowed and appreciated by the powers that be at Free Republic for the dissemination of information it can make possible. (And, it isn’t my blog). If I have crossed some threshold unknowingly, I hope that the Admin Mods will work with me to help fix it rather than removing the thread outright, as I have spent several hours working on this compilation.

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