FBI’s Dancing with the Devil now out in the open?

Family Security Matters

Over the past several months-with particular emphasis on these last two weeks of the Florida high school shooting-the US Federal Bureau of Investigation has had many of its scurrilous secrets, corruption and lies exposed to the public.  The contemptuously blasé behavior patterns of its upper management or “the 7th Floor” have left such an odious stench that its headquarters may need to be completely gutted.

The mandate to “if you see something, say something” no longer holds any credibility…whatsoever.  It is useless and nonsensical to, virtually, shout from the rafters to our chief investigative group, the FBI, and “law-enforcers” that people are going to be killed if something isn’t immediately affected to prevent it if said law enforcement has no intention of stopping the carnage.  The FBI ignored and/or dismissed at least 2 if-not-3 warnings that Cruz was going to ‘shoot up the school’.  Cruz had even posted his intentions on youtube where he wrote:  “I’m going to be a professional school shooter” five months before the actual shootings.  What’s even worse is that this massacre of 17 human beings came directly after multiple still-ongoing Congressional investigations (including disturbing reports about the FBI leadership) and documents that both indicate and substantiate massive corruption within the FBI…itself.  This last episode, however, may be the worst of all.

When nothing else makes sense…choose the obvious.  The massacre was allowed to happen.  It seems that a nasty and deadly power-play game of Chess was and is at hand…and that we and our children have been selected as the pawns.  Despite the fact that police were called for domestic disturbances to the home where Cruz was staying 39 times, the PD authorities did nothing.  Despite the fact that there was an active shooter mowing down children and teachers, the Broward County Sheriff’s Department assumed a “stand down” position and a total of 4 Deputies refused to enter the killing fields to stop the gunman.  No one at the Broward County Sheriff’s department did anything to stop him.  Despite the fact that the FBI was contacted at least 2 and possibly 3 times about this extremely disturbed and dangerous individual…no one at the FBI did anything.  That’s so far from irrational that it bears close and deep scrutiny.  However, in my opinion, the obvious is-again-this slaughter was allowed to happen.  This was a warning shot to us all.  This time, however, it was not over the bow.  This is what desperate individuals in 3rd world countries do when extreme fear sets into the autocrats.  They’re saying, in essence, “Don’t mess with us and our plans to run your country the way we want.”

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