‘Felons, Illegals and MS13 Welcome… Democrats need the votes!’ Joke signs pop up on California…

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Joke signs were posted on California highways as The Golden State became a sanctuary state in the new year.

Posted under the ‘Welcome to California’ highway signs, they read: ‘OFFICIAL SANCTUARY STATE, Felons, Illegals and MS13 Welcome! Democrats Need The Votes!’ along with the seal of California and the Democratic Donkey symbol.

It is unclear who is responsible but multiple signs were posted greeting motorists as they enter from Arizona and Nevada on Highway 95.

California officially became a ‘sanctuary state’ on Monday after the law Democratic Governor Jerry Brown signed in October took effect.

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California’s 2018 Ammo Restrictions Act as Backdoor Gun Ban

Image: California's 2018 Ammo Restrictions Act as Backdoor Gun Ban


By John Cylc

President Harry Truman famously had a sign on his desk that stated, “The Buck Stops Here.” On more than one occasion, Truman referred to that saying as his mission to be responsible for what happened while he was in office. Today’s over-bloated bureaucracy of a government has gone in a different direction for quite some time.

This morning on Facebook, I saw a post from a Walmart store stating that due to administrative delays by the state of California, they are temporarily unable to sell ammunition.

On January 1, a new California law took effect requiring all ammunition to only be sold in person, and only through a licensed vendor. The law required the Department of Justice to implement new regulations before July 2017. However, those regulations were delayed and will likely not take effect until mid-January at the earliest. That means there is now a gap in which law-abiding citizens cannot buy ammunition from many California vendors. Their Second Amendment rights have been restricted by the state. The “right to keep and bear arms” means nothing without ammo. That is a “backdoor” gun ban. That is called “tyranny,” even if it is only temporary and due to bureaucratic incompetency.

This now appears to be the method that liberals will use to attack our inherent natural rights that they oppose. California has written and passed law after law restricting gun rights for its law-abiding citizens. The state government, politicians, and liberal voters have somehow failed to comprehend that these laws will have no effect on criminals who ignore them anyway.

Murderers, robbers, terrorists, and other miscreants will still use their illegal and illicit methods of getting guns and ammo. In the meantime, the “good guys with guns” will be fighting bureaucratic battles and anti-gun administrators.

In one county with a population of over 10 million, only 197 citizens have been issued concealed carry permits. That is because the bureaucrats control their issuance and require a “good cause.” Apparently, just wanting to defend yourself and your loved ones is not a good enough excuse. Your government masters want you to wait for the sheriff’s department if you’re in trouble. Apparently, they feel that the average 10 minute response time is not enough time for bad guys to do anything to you.

Using exceedingly restrictive gun laws are not the only way that government violates your constitutionally protected rights. Another tool that governments like to use is the anonymity of the bureaucracy.

The prime example of this is the IRS targeting conservatives who were merely trying to practice and express their political ideology. Organizations had their tax-exempt status applications intensely scrutinized and delayed merely because they had conservative terms like “tea party” or “patriots” in their names. After an almost two-year investigation, the Obama Justice Department stated that no criminal charges would be filed. Although Steven Miller resigned, lower-level officials like Lois Lerner and Joseph Grant merely retired and still collect their government pension today.

In October 2017, the Trump administration settled a lawsuit with those who claim to have been discriminated against by the IRS. Despite the admission and apology from the DOJ, no one served any jail time for these violations.

The size of our federal and state governments allowed these instances to happen. We must reduce the bureaucracies and stay observant of our government officials, both elected and not elected.

We must be as vigilant as those who founded our country.

Tyranny was not eliminated by the Revolutionary War. It now merely disguises itself as the anonymous faces of bureaucracies and the cumbersome amount of legalese and regulations.