USA’s End of the Road Carefully Crafted for Decades

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The takeover of the USA had been carefully crafted for many years.  When, then, 57-year-old George Washington was to take office on 30 April 1789, no one in the just-formed government of the United States knew what to call their newly elected leader.  Some were even suggesting Monarchical titles. With all thanks to God, those on the side of the still-being-formed Republic chose the title President of the United States.  Since that time, however, there have been multiple attempts to turn the country into something resembling an Autocracy.  Extreme measures began with President Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921) who was the country’s first fully “progressive” (our first Communist president or Communist leaning at best) president of the United States.  Then, there was Roger Nash Baldwin (founder of the ACLU) who openly expressed his love for everything about the Soviet Union’s form of a Marxist (Communist) totalitarian government.  We elected liberal and progressive Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was our president from March 4, 1933 – April 12, 1945.  Note:  I don’t think it was until Ronald Reagan’s presidency (January 20, 1981 – January 20, 1989) that we finally extricated ourselves from the majority of Roosevelt’s damaging policies, while a few have still made it to present day.  We have had a number of liberals/progressives/leftists elected the office of POTUS.  However, none were-arguably-quite as damaging as was the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama and his team.

During Obama’s tenure as president of the United States, his quickly enacted programs (many via Executive Orders) created a true Open Borders policy that has flooded and is still flooding and overwhelming all of our city, State and national systems to the advantage of illegal aliens and disadvantage of legal citizens.  Legal US citizens were forced to pay for the services illegals crossing out borders by the tens of thousands were using up, while legal citizens were expected to pay fast rising taxes…in order to pay for the illegals who are using up citizens’ resources.  The Obama regime called it “humanitarian” but, it quickly proved to only be humanitarian for the illegal aliens…many of whom were MS-13 gang members, Mexican drug cartel members and illegals practicing ‘chain-migration’.

The Mexican Sinaloa Drug and Human Trafficking Cartel set up its business in multiple homes in Southern California under Obama’s reign…with no US law enforcement involvement in the scheme.  It was not until recently under President Trump that members of the cartel were raided and arrested.  More and more, the partnership between the Obama regime and the Sinaloa Cartel seems to continue to be corroborated by Obama and his team’s lack of any real actions against it.  Obama introduced thousands of criminal illegals into our country, as well as working to greatly increase the immigration of Muslims-most if not all unvetted-into our country.  In 2014, the Center for Immigration Studies reported: “Muslims are the fastest growing bloc of immigrants, according to new census data published by the Center for Immigration Studies.”  Note:  Muslims were chosen as our replacements.

Our courts are now packed with hard-Left judges, too many of the Obama people have not been replaced by President Trump’s hires, all too many of the president’s nominees have not been voted on.  Instead, the swampy Congress Critters continue to drag their feet, in order to stop Game Warden Trump from working to drain the D.C. sewer-swamp…and many of them; that is the ones who now place their own enrichment above and beyond any care for the country and its people.  Racial tensions continue to boil over, as Obama sided with the ‘community’ against ‘white folk’ and leftist professors at leftist Colleges and Universities (think the entire University of California system whose president is Obama’s former DHS Sec. Janet Napolitano) who are pushing their students to riot and are now regularly calling for the assassination of President Trump.  We and our country are-each day-coming closer to DEFCON 1.

The beginning of the final implementation of the last stages of the takeover did, indeed, culminate with Barack Obama. In fact, Obama and his former team are now operating openly as the US Shadow Government.  The Sheeple were already so dumbed-down that they voted for him on an emotional level that had been carefully crafted by the US public school system; a school system designed to indoctrinate all within it into exhibiting violence and chaos whenever something they don’t like is presented.  If there aren’t enough of these, there will always be those who will affect mayhem for a few $$bucks more…as well as the crisis actors and paid rioters.

We were given a little time with the Trump presidency.  But, we must not stop now.  He-as are we-is under attack on a daily basis from the Luciferian Left…and it’s now worldwide.  The war and its battles are-most unfortunately-not over but, are heating up as the anti-human contingent continues to fear and feel their power slipping away.  The destruction of the idea and implementation of our country as a free nation that supports life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was a novel concept at one time.  Then, our ancestors made it so!  Let’s not allow it to go back to the novelty stage.

“And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”-Joshua 24:15

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