Texas Judge Reinstated to Bench after being Suspended for not being a US Citizen!

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Texas municipal court Judge Young Min Burkett was suspended after it was discovered she is not an united States citizen.  Now, the Corpus Christi City Council has voted to return her to the bench after she was naturalized.

Burkett was placed on unpaid leave in May because it was discovered that she is not a US citizen.

According to reports, Burkett was supposed to go to San Antonio to expedite her citizenship application and since that time she has been naturalized.

However, following her suspension and naturalization, the Corpus Christi City Council voted to return her to the bench.

KRIS TV reports:

That vote happened just after 6:00 pm Tuesday evening, but it was not unanimous.Council members Lucy Rubio and Carolyn Vaughn again voted against reinstating judge Burkett.

With this second council vote in her favor, Burkett’s expected to return to work on August 14th.

Following her naturalization, Burkett told the City Council, “I know some people have concerns about me as a judge, but my whole legal career has been about serving this community.  It was my passion to serve this community.”

The councilwomen said Burkett should have known that U.S. citizenship was a requirement of the job.

The city charter states: “The municipal judge must also be a citizen of the United States and resident of the State of Texas.”

Vaughn indicated that Burkett’s past rulings, prior to becoming a citizen, have opened the city up to lawsuits.

“I believe your actions, whether you knew the qualifications or not, could end up costing our citizens thousands of dollars,” Vaughn said. Previously, Vaughn said of Burkett being on the bench without being a citizen, “I just think it’s terrible. It’s just, I am so disgusted with it.”

(Excerpt) Read more at thewashingtonstandard.com

2 thoughts on “Texas Judge Reinstated to Bench after being Suspended for not being a US Citizen!

  1. She apparently lied when she applied for the job.. she should not serve… all the message is, “lied till you get caught, then say you are sorry.” Anyone convicted or having to pay anything from previous court rulings should file petitions to have the rulings reversed or retried.

    • The fact that they ignored what she did means nothing will be done to her or any of her cases.

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