So what does Weiner have on Huma and Hillary?

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American Thinker

By Monica Showalter

After much tabloid brouhaha about Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, finally having her fill of her pervy husband, Anthony Weiner, it seems a U-turn has been made.

Anthony Weiner’s long-suffering wife filed for divorce earlier this month, the same day the disgraced ex-congressman pleaded guilty to sexting with a 15-year-old girl.

But Abedin has since renewed the lease on their pricey Union Square duplex – and invited back home the man who has repeatedly heaped humiliation upon her, sources told The Post.

The cause cited, according to the Post, was Huma’s need for Weiner’s child care services for their son.  As if Weiner weren’t an obvious pervert who stooped so low as to include their then-three-year-old son in his sexcapade photos, and as if someone like Huma, who can shell out $11,900 a month on a fancy Union Square apartment and has hordes of adoring supporters, can’t otherwise find or afford a babysitter.

Color us skeptical.

Here’s what’s likely really going on.  The child care needs plea is probably a tactic to get a sympathetic judge to keep Weiner out of prison, which is where he’s otherwise headed.

Why would she need child care, anyway?  Why would Huma, whose candidate lost the election and who has no White House duties as a result, even need to be away from her kid?  She ought to have a ton of time on her hands right now.  Sure, writing a book is quite a bit of work, but it’s a flex-time assignment if there ever was one.  She can do that book any time the kid is asleep or otherwise preoccupied.  Yet she needs Weiner.

It can mean only one or two things:

1. Hillary is running for president again.  Huma’s only career has been serving as Clinton’s indefatigable aide.  For a job like that, child care probably would be a necessity.

All the same, any trusted person can provide child care.

2. Weiner must have enough dirty secrets on Hillary to blackmail her and perhaps derail her quest for power.  Weiner, remember, hoarded oodles of secrets on his laptop computer under the header “life insurance,” meaning Clinton wouldn’t be able to get to him if he leaked out anything from that file.  Life insurance.  As if there had been a threat of Arkancide out there.  It’s a little noticed element of the Huma-Weiner drama.

But it’s hard to explain the strange U-turns for this bizarre couple.  Weiner is a pervert who likes to exhibit himself.  Huma is a staunch and loyal aide to Hillary who likes to stay in the shadows.  What does Weiner have on Huma or Hillary to prompt that strong a desire to keep him in the tent pissing out, instead of out of the tent pissing in?

Since it’s hardly a stable family setup, we will have to wait for the next rupture to find out.

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