The word ‘criminal’ now declared offensive

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Seattle police now use the term “community member” in place of “suspect” when writing use of force reports, something several officers find offensive.  Per KIRO:

“I think this is all in an effort to make sure our report writing sounds politically correct,” Seattle Police Officers’ Guild Kevin Stuckey told KIRO 7.

“Politically correct.”  No kidding.

This is the result of the left’s ceaseless push to whitewash truth and make everything the same.  So if someone in Community A commits a heinous crime, he is awarded the same description as a law-abiding citizen who also lives in Community A.  They are both community members.

Last fall, the Washington Department of Corrections stopped calling inmates “offenders” and instead use the term “student.”

“Student”?!  Who’s making this stuff up?

“The term ‘offender’ does have a negative connotation and significantly impacts a broad group of people and communities,” Acting DOC Secretary Dick Morgan wrote in an internal department memo, obtained by KIRO 7.

Heaven forbid we have any negative connotations when speaking of criminals.

“Times change, and so does our language.”

However, that means Gary Ridgway – the most prolific American serial killer who said he has at least 71 victims – is no longer called an inmate or an offender. Neither are other murderers, rapists and felons.

The phase-out of the word “offender” started Nov. 1 and replaced with “individuals,” “student” or “patient,” the DOC secretary wrote to his staff. Use this link to read the full DOC memo.

“Patient”?!  My head is spinning.  What are we even talking about?

This is ridiculous, insulting, and an absurd misuse of language.  And as long as they’re playing fast and loose with it, anything goes.  We can call criminals kings, chemists, or chameleons.  They can be teachers, technicians, or truck drivers.  When you think about it, we could even call them police officers.  Or saints.  After all, truth doesn’t matter when political correctness rules the day.

Upside-down, inside-out, and backwards.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers

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