3 thoughts on “CHUCK BERRY – LIVE 1964 – “Johnny B Goode”

  1. Do you remember the Carosel Nightclub in Dallas? (Owned by Jack Ruby)-the man who shot Oswald for supposedly killing Kennedy.)
    Years ago, I was way too young to go to that nightclub. Chuck Berry was there. Ike and Tina Turner as well as BoDiddly (sp?). It WAS an amazing night. Ike was sooo drunk or drugged(?) that he fell off of the piano stool. Tina just kept on doing her thang! LOL

    We lived in Ft. Worth I stated above “Osward for supposedly killing Kennedy”.He didn’t do it.

    I was married to a high school sweetheart. He joined the Marines. He hadn’t been home for two days UNTIL he wanted me to meet his Uncle in Dallas. We entered his home. He left us standing in the living room. He went back to his study…a minute later he walked back and had a ;picture in his hand. It was a photo of Oswald standing and leaning up against the Texas Book Dispository. It was time and date stamped. It was Oswald’s “Get out of jail free card.

  2. Sorry…probably too much information.

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