Dear President Trump

Dear Presiden Trump,

We just found out that Judge Douchebag in Hawaii is issuing a Nationwide Restraining Order against your Lawful Order on the grounds of Discrimination.

STOP Pussy Footing Around and CALL THEIR BLUFF!!

Immediately, TONIGHT!, Issue an Executive Order HALTING ALL IMMIGRATION. PERIOD!!




3 thoughts on “Dear President Trump

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    I said the same exact thing. All immigration, must be halted. To fool with this any further would indicate bungling on the part of the president. An aggressive action is required. Immigration stopped until litigation is settled in the courts, and/or, halted for the duration of the presidency.

  2. It is too bad the President has to act Presidential and not like a regular guy. An EO as you suggest would be major news for months. If it were O doing it he’d have a cover for all kinds of undercover mayhem he wanted to hide.

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