The “New Sheriff” Joins Forces with the Real Ones

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Yesterday, the man widely described as the “new sheriff in town,” President Donald Trump, met with actual sheriffs from around the country.

The lawmen’s sense of relief was palpable at the prospect of a “law-and-order” Chief Executive – unlike his predecessor and a rival determined to perpetuate Barack Obama’s disastrous policies with respect to border insecurity, interior law enforcement, sanctuary cities, etc.

Mr. Trump actually invited inputs from his guests, prompting several to welcome the change from President Obama’s practice, as one put it, of allowing only “an outgoing message about gun control and other things.”

Another marked difference will be evident from today on if, as expected, the Senate confirms Jeff Sessions to become our next Attorney General. He will have the back of U.S. law enforcement and help President Trump restore the practice of equal justice under the law.