Our Most Dangerous and Treacherous Times in our History?


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We have entered a time in the history of the United States of America that augurs whether or not we will survive as a nation.  When We-the-People elected Donald J. Trump as our president, the globalist powers visibly headed by Luciferian leader and ObamaFriend George Soros began their malicious work to overturn the election and end the USA as it was founded.  Since 20 January 2017, the protests against our elections-and us–have increased as more anarchists have been and are continuing to be brought into the fray by these same New World Order globalists.  George Soros-just as he fomented and spurred on the Ferguson and other paid-for riots-is firmly behind the worldwide rioting and attempted overturn and destruction of the Trump administration…and the USA.  In order to affect that destruction, it is necessary for most, if not all, government institutions to stop following any and all US laws that would defeat the ultimate purpose of the New World Order; which is the complete dismantling and destruction of the United States as it now stands.  To wit, Obama and Soros met multiple times in our White House during Obama’s presidency.

Note:  From my perspective, it strongly appears Soros gained a great deal of assistance from Obama in the [their] fight against the USA and is still gaining it from all of the Obama hires and appointees still working in US government positions.

Recently, calls from leftist CEOs for the assassination of our president are being openly shouted and tweeted by the perpetrators.  ‘Reporters’ are now openly calling for the assassination of President Trump.  And, the elite celebrity classes have become even more vicious in their demands for violence against the newly-elected Trump Administration.  Madonna says she has “thought about blowing up the White House,” while Ashley Judd’s “nasty” speech during the faux “women’s march” was one of the more repugnant and presumptuous ever to be given in public.  Even major news stations-think CNN-have mused in multiple television programs as to what would happen if Trump and much of his administration were killed and then speculated as to how they might get an Obama-Democrat back into the White House to rule over us.  Democrat leaders in the US Senate, House and leftist judges across the country are continuing to affect all in their power to bring down the Trump government.  One of these tactics is the Senate Democrats refusal to vote up or down on President Trump’s Cabinet nominations.  These “leaders” are now refusing to even show up.  They do not intend to allow President Trump to have his own people in place in order to govern.

Note:  The Democrats (and RINOs) supposed leadership members have moved far beyond puerile petulance and have entered into a full-on insurgency.

Universities are violently protesting any and all conservative speakers. At UC Berkeley (never a bastion Free Speech…other than leftist “free speech”) riots occurred against conservative speaker Milo Yiannopolous.  At NYU, another invited conservative actor and speaker Gavin McInnes was pepper sprayed and forced to leave.  There is no free speech on the Luciferian Left.

Most certainly, we as a people and a country have had myriad dangerous times in our past beginning with our American Revolution.  The American Civil War (or War between the States as my maternal Grandmother used to correct me) was one, our two world wars and the attempt by various Marxist groups in the 1960s to begin race wars and other civil disturbances are a few of the activities engaged in by enemies-homegrown and otherwise.  However, today we have worldwide social media which can bring about protests and violent riots in a very short period of time with just a few keystrokes.  And that ostensible “Muslim Ban?”  It was never a ban.  It was a suspension enacted by President Trump to vet those coming in from major identified terrorist-exporting countries…not to ban them.  The temporary suspension of immigrants from known terrorist hotbeds was and is a stopgap measure, in order for the Trump Administration to draft and pass legislation to improve our vetting procedures.  The leftist hordes consisting of Democrats, RINOs and-at least-95% of the US media want any and all of those to enter our country without restrictions.  This has been part of the repressive Agenda 21 (aka “2030”) mission for decades; another sordid leftist story that will have to wait for another column.

If the times in which we, currently, find ourselves are not the most dangerous and treacherous in our history then none truly are.  The more-than-legitimate election of Donald J. Trump to the US presidency-coupled with the British Brexit movement-has shown the globalists that all too many humans have decided that they neither want nor do they intend to become slaves to the Luciferian would-be masters.  This was never going to be an easy fight.  As I wrote several columns ago the election of [now] President Trump was only the first step.  The real work toward regaining our liberty, choice, reinstatement of our religious freedom and ability to live our own lives as we wish has only just begun.  Since our country’s inception, we have heard that “freedom is not free.”  But, it had been a very long time since we experienced that concept as being tangible.  We are doing so, now.  Don’t tread on me-or us-has again become all too real.  Our fight to regain sanity and freedom for ourselves and our posterity has begun anew.  And by their actions and results we know whether our leaders are sound ones or not.  May God be with us and President Donald John Trump.

“Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?  Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.  A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.  Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.  Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them”— Matthew 7:16-20

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