Trump’s Right to Restrict Sharia-supremacists’ Immigration

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Donald Trump reportedly will announce today further executive actions on immigration, including at least temporary restrictions on accepting refugees from nations with ties to “radical Islamic terrorism.” Critics claim these new restrictions violate constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion.

In fact, no alien has a right to come to this country, let alone an entitlement to the liberties assured by our Constitution. The President has complete latitude in determining who is admitted into the United States. His bipartisan predecessors exercised this power in recent decades to block immigration by adherents to hostile ideologies like Naziism or communism that require their adherents to seek the destruction of our form of government.

Mr. Trump recognizes that we must not import in our time more immigrants committed to a similar outcome in the name of imposing here another supremacist totalitarian ideology, Islam’s Sharia.

He’s absolutely right.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Right to Restrict Sharia-supremacists’ Immigration

  1. There are lots of idiots wanting the ACLU to sue over the travel ban, and there are people who have green cards being held in detention saying it’s not right that this is happening. If you aren’t a citizen of this country the ACLU can’t do anything for you. Yes this is a nation that HAS immigrants- NOT a nation OF immigrants. There are plenty of American Natives here- as Dragon and I are very aware and part of. Individual exceptions are allowed for and are being addressed in this ban, and Democrats are trying to make this turn into a huge inferno mostly because nobody cares about them needing a new leader for their group and they aren’t getting the Press coverage they feel they deserve. Trump is doing EXACTLY what he said he would do, and I am very thankful of it

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