An update: The Hillary For Prison Movement Story (When does she go?)

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Free Republic


Through all the craziness, we knew that we were doing the right thing in spreading the message, because we realized that true journalism in the US was failing the American Public. The US media let the Clintons wipe away the messages of their crimes, and the news stories just covered the Kardashians and other vapid blather… but through the Hillary For Prison Movement, the AMERICAN PUBLIC said “NO, we want to talk about Benghazi, we want to talk about Classified Emails, we want to talk about Perjury.” If the media won’t keep the conversation active, then WE need to educate the public and prevent the Hillary from whitewashing her crimes so she could get into the Whitehouse.

We helped the American Voting Public make a decision about who should be our next US President and Commander in Chief. They saw her crimes and momentum for charges she had… and they chose NO. They said NO HILLARY, not this year, not the next 4 years, not EVER. And now, after the stunning victory of the Presidential Election, we can’t let up… She can still be pardoned, she can still escape charges, but Trump promised on LIVE TV during the debates, to put her in PRISON! As an educated, informed American Public, we have to hold him to that promise. We have to ensure that Trump’s Justice Department appoints a special prosecutor and brings the ROCK SOLID CASE to her and she gets sentenced to prison. The ghosts, families and survivors of Benghazi deserve no less. The American Public deserves no less.

(Excerpt)