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President Obama is on his way out, and he’s directed an investigation into Russian influence in our November 2016 election. Needless to say, Obama didn’t feel it necessary to investigate the Clinton Foundation and the uranium sales to the Russians which benefitted the Kremlin.

The bottom line is that the Hillary Clinton loss in November had nothing to do with the Russians, other than her stupid reset button. The Clinton loss had everything to do with a failed Obama administration and a pathetic presidential candidate who had no message – and actually said she’d continue the failing policies of Obama.

And right now, one of those failed policies has evidenced itself once again.

As reported by Fox News, “An internal report blames staffers at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Florida for leaving the body of a deceased veteran to decompose in a shower for nine hours and then trying to cover it up. 

The 24-page report concluded that hospice staffers at the Bay Pines VA hospital failed to provide appropriate post-mortem care to the veteran’s body, Fox 13 Tampa reports. 

The report found hospice staff put the veteran’s body in a hallway and left it there for an unspecified time, the station reported. Staff then put the veteran’s body in the shower room and did not “check on the status of the decedent…for over nine hours.

 “The report also found that a staff member then “falsely documented” the incident, Fox 13 reported. The investigative report said that leaving the body unattended for so long increased the chance of decomposition. 

“The report details a total failure on the part of the Department of Veterans Affairs and an urgent need for greater accountability,” Rep. Gus Bilirakis, R-Fla., told the station. “Unsurprisingly, not a single VA employee has been fired following this incident, despite a clear lack of concern and respect for the veteran. The men and women who sacrificed on behalf of our nation deserve better.”

The unnamed veteran died in February after spending time in hospice care. The hospital’s Administrative Investigation Board ordered retraining for staff. Hospital spokesman Jason Dangel told the Tampa Bay Times hospital officials view what happened as unacceptable.”

Unacceptable? How about unbelievable…what about unconscionable? And Obama has demanded an investigation about the November election? Doggone, the sooner this charlatan departs the White House the better, especially for our veterans.

And it wasn’t too long ago – summer of 2015 in fact – in another VA hospital in the Tampa Area, the James A. Haley VA Hospital, where rats, roaches, and feces was uncovered.

Per the Gateway Pundit, “The James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital in Tampa, Florida has roach and rodent infestations on such a widespread scale that “buckets” of rats, roaches and feces were removed from the canteen kitchen ceiling by contractors in recent months. Last week three dead rats fell from the ceiling in the main hospital kitchen. Roaches are being found on the food trays served to veterans at the hospital. 

The Tampa Bay Times reported hospital spokeswoman Karen Collins as saying that the dead rats found in the kitchen was a sign extermination efforts were succeeding.””It’s important to remember that the rodents found deceased means our efforts are working,” Collins said in an email statement to the Times.”

There was no mention that the hospital kitchen had been shut down by health inspectors. The Times reported on an internal email from Miriam Ruisz, the hospital’s Infection Prevention Coordinator, to the ‘Enviro Team’ sent…about the infestation: “I was notified today (and received pictures of) 3 large dead rats that fell through the kitchen ceiling last night. The demolition contractor double bagged all of the debris and removed it from the site at the end of the shift. I have also been made aware that there is a major roach problem in the kitchen and that some roaches have been found on patients’ trays. I was told that 2 months ago when FMS replaced the Canteen kitchen ceiling they filled “multiple buckets with roaches, dead rats, and feces”. “Please let me know if there is an ongoing problem with this infestation and what is being done about it? Obviously if someone sent me the pictures, we could possibly end up on the news, not to mention, risk patient safety (frownie face emoticon). Thank you.”

My simple question is, was the spokeswoman Karen Collins fired on the spot last year? What an insidious statement to say that finding dead rodents means your extermination efforts are working. Heck, it could mean your food is so bad even the rats can’t stomach it.

Here are just two examples in the final years of the Obama administration, and of course there are countless more. And Barack Obama is focused on Russian influence in the November elections, which had nothing to do with the woodshed that Donald Trump put on Hillary Clinton…and indirectly, Barack Obama.

Mr. President, what kind of cold hearted, callous, uncaring, obtuse person are you? You expect us to just accept this horrific treatment of our veterans under your purview? And to Robert McDonald, current VA secretary, you should be ashamed, sir! You are the ignorant individual who compared our veterans waiting for proper care to being at a damn amusement park – and the pathetic Obama claimed you’ve done a fantastic job and have his complete confidence. Both of you should be made to go into every VA hospital in America and apologize. However, we know that won’t happen because the essence of liberal progressive socialists is that you don’t care about our veterans. Heck, you jerks believe a deserter serves with honor and distinction.

Who is running the show at the VA? I can tell you one thing for certain: this is about to end.

And you government union bureaucracies which protect the VA jackasses that allow things such as this to happen, beware. There is a day of reckoning coming for y’all.

This is personal for me. My own dad worked in the Atlanta VA Hospital next to Emory University as a nursing assistant. And it was there my dad breathed his last. He was cared for with the dignity and the honor he deserved as an American combat veteran.

Sadly, something has gone very wrong in our VA system and our veterans are no longer the prized and precious group, held in utmost regard, as before. All of this falls at the feet of one Barack Obama…who it truly appears, based on truth, fact and anecdotal evidence – not fake news – couldn’t care less.

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  1. Now let me make this perfectly clear I’m so damn proud and thankful for your emails with superlative information and American discourse

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