The Democrats’ Rallying Cry: If First you don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie, Lie

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By Ray Starmann

They just can’t let it go, can they?

Since Trump’s brilliant victory over the Duchess of Chappaqua, the left in America has been having one serious meltdown that would be hilarious, if the people running the Democratic Party and the globalists backing them weren’t a threat to freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

The Democrats are a dangerous hybrid in 2016. They are filled with the hippie hubris they’ve possessed since 1968, the actual turning point for the party, when they took off their blue collar overalls and put on Ho Chi Minh sandals.

Combined with the dangerous Marxist tenets they worship, they are now backed by globalist billionaires like Soros who want nothing less than to turn America into Merkel’s Germany with a smidgen of the USSR for flavor.

The gluten free libs that make up the Democratic Party simply can’t grasp the fact that Trump won and their candidate lost. After all, these are the people who created the Frankenstein monster called Generation Snowflake where everyone gets a trophy, even if they do suck.

And, your candidate, Hillary Clinton definitely sucked.

The left’s immediate reaction was to hit the streets of America’s liberal run cities, with an assortment of college cupcakes in distress, Black Lives Matter communists and Jerry Rubin wannabes.

Some of the protesters were peaceful, many weren’t. Police cars were turned into Molotov Cocktails on wheels. Trump supporters on the way to Applebee’s who took a wrong turn were often violently assaulted.

But, that was all okay to the liberal media because Hillary had lost and they were upset.

The protests burned out like a piece of smoldering incense. Soros stopped writing checks to BLM and began making million dollar deposits into Jill Stein’s bank account.

Stein then commenced her Recount to Nowhere, claiming she was seeking honesty in the voting system or any other number of platitudes she spit out for a couple weeks, while racking up a seven figure tally of donations. It didn’t matter that normally recounts are conducted when there is a vote margin less than a 1000. In Stein’s, actually Soros’ mind, it didn’t matter if the vote margins were in the tens of thousands favoring Mr. Trump. The recount had to proceed! The Recount to Nowhere has predictably led nowhere, as Trump gained votes in Wisconsin, while she has been shut down in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Hillary was in on it from the beginning. Holed up in her secret medical clinic in Chelsea’s Manhattan apartment like Mr. Dragon in the Eiger Sanction, she directed Jill Stein’s every move, while dispatching her lawyers to the scenes of the imaginary crimes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

As the recount began to fizzle out, the Democrats’ next gambit was calling all news from the alternative media, and in actuality, all news they disagree with, so-called ‘fake news.’

The globalists rolled out their starting lineup of talking heads to condemn fake news: Jake Tapper, Van Jones and their team of liars at CNN, Rachel Maddow, aka Chris Hayes, Hillary, Bill Clinton, Obama, Angela Merkel and even Pope Francis jumped on the ‘it’s all fake news’ bandwagon.

Besides trying to smear Trump, there is a much more sinister ploy at work here. The globalists want to shut down the alternative media, which is primarily conservative. The Democrats in 2016 don’t want to debate, they want to end debate.

As the fake news hysteria continues, the left has been threatening electors across the country, who have received tens of thousands of emails, Twitter and Facebook messages instructing them to cast their electoral votes for the wicked witch or else they will find themselves bankrupt, beaten or dead.

This week, it’s apparently all the Russians fault. Through hacking and even more hacking they gave information to Wikileaks that influenced the election. Of course the Democrats are forgetting one thing; if they hadn’t committed vote fraud and embezzlement, if the Clinton Foundation wasn’t a pay to play scheme, if Hillary wasn’t a national security nightmare, Wikileaks would have had nothing to release.

But it’s all Trump’s fault. He’s a Russian agent! He and Putin schemed to sabotage the election. They did it all!

It wasn’t frustrated blue collar voters who are earning the same wage they did in 1988 that did it. It wasn’t Hillary’s litany of felonies for the last 40 years that did it. It wasn’t the fact that Haight Ashbury values were being shoved down our throats that did it.

Apparently, the CIA came up with the Russian hacking story. If this is accurate intelligence, let the Director of the CIA hold a press conference and explain to the world as much as he can about this so called hacking.

But, he won’t do that will he? It’s almost like they made the whole thing up.

Meanwhile, John #Pizzagate Podesta, a man who enjoys spirit cooking and collecting pictures of naked children, a man who bears more than a striking resemblance to one of the suspects wanted in the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann, said the electors should be briefed on the Russian hacking.

Perhaps the electors should be briefed on what the FBI and the NYPD know about Mr. Podesta’s ties to child trafficking.

The majority of the people in the CIA are good patriotic folks just doing their jobs. Some of them are risking their lives overseas right now. But, there has always has been a small clique of establishment, globalist maniacs in that organization who think they own the country. You know these people. They’re the ones that murdered John F. Kennedy.

Hopefully, the Russians are Coming nonsense will burn itself out like the other schemes.

When all else fails, the Democrats will no doubt launch some kind of Animal House type sabotage of Trump’s inauguration day parade. In fact, that 350 pound piece of rancid Tri Tip, Michael Moore, stated that very thing only last week.

Frankly, the nation is sick and tired of not only the Democrats, but the globalists and their refusal to accept Mr. Trump’s victory.

What part of you lost isn’t registering in your warped, pot smoke filled craniums?

You seem to want to pick a fight with the right. We’ve done everything possible to avoid a confrontation with you. We’re focused on making America great again and bettering our lives. You’re focused on regaining power by hook or crook so you can turn this nation into Sweden on Steroids. You seem to be willing to do anything to achieve your goals, even if it means provoking the right into violence.

Is that really what you lefties, trendies and yogis want?

You might want to step away from the steam table at Whole Foods and ponder that thought for a moment. If you haven’t noticed yet, we are composed of nearly all the veterans, law enforcement and military personnel in the nation. We are armed and you aren’t. We understand a myriad of weapons and tactics and know how to employ them with lethal efficiency.

Keep on pushing and you will find yourselves losers in the shortest civil war in world history.

We beat the living daylights out of you in the election. We will be happy to do it again, any time, any place.

But, let’s hope it never comes to that. Like I said, we have better things to do, like go to work every day.

You might want to ponder those thoughts over your Winter Solstice Break, or as we will be saying in America for a long, long time, Christmas.

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