Pardon Hillary?


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Geraldo Rivera on Saturday’s (November 12) airing of Fox and Friends made a lengthy and impassioned appeal for a general presidential pardon of Hillary Clinton for any and all wrongdoings, eloquently urging President-Elect Trump to be “magnanimous” and “heal the nation’s wounds” by forgiving and pursuing no investigations of the Clintons.  Then, literally in the next breath, liberal TV journalist Rivera called for an investigation of Trump and Wikileaks to establish if he stole the election by conspiring with Russia.

Hillary must be investigated.

If only to debunk the false narrative concocted by the Left, the liberal media, and Hillary herself that she is an innocent victim, stabbed in the back by evil Trump, who is supposed to be (absurdly) some kind of Russian Manchurian Candidate-Hillary must be investigated.

Failure to investigate Hillary will not bind the nation’s wounds and heal the deep divisions.  Obama and Hillary specialize in the politics of division and hatred.  The Left and the liberal media are already trying to do everything they can to delegitimize an incoming Trump Administration-including rioting in the streets.

If there are no investigations, the liberal mainstream media will confer victimhood status on Hillary, will lie that she is a martyr of Trump and his racist allies that stole the election-and half of America will believe them.  Let Hillary off the hook and this will be the only story on TV every day of a Trump Administration.

Even if President Obama pardons Hillary and Bill Clinton and their associates at the Clinton Foundation, in the State Department and the Democratic National Committee, investigations should be conducted by the FBI and Congress in the interests of justice.  Humiliation in public and before history may be less than the Clintons and their fellow travelers deserve, but at least it is some kind of punishment.

“We are a nation of laws, not men,” the Democrats and big media endlessly reminded us when they mercilessly investigated President Richard Nixon and drove him from office into humiliated exile.  Nixon’s crimes and misdemeanors were trivial, compared to the transgressions of Hillary Clinton and her allies.  Nixon erred by overzealous loyalty to friends whose Watergate break-in was not ordered by Nixon, not done with Nixon’s knowledge, and was not to advance Nixon’s  interests, but was ordered by a subordinate for personal reasons.

Nixon did not endanger U.S. national security by irresponsibly and illegally storing classified documents on a personal server that was almost certainly hacked by at least five foreign governments.  Nixon did not betray the Constitution and public trust by perverting his presidency into a “pay to play” scheme selling out U.S. national interests to foreign governments-including selling 20 percent of U.S. uranium to Russia.  Nixon did not conspire with the Republican National Committee and extremist anti-American groups to fight political rivals with intimidation, violence, and riots.

Hillary did all these things.  Hillary must be investigated, if only to discover how much damage she did to U.S. national security.

Hillary must be investigated because the Democrats who investigated Nixon were right.  We are supposed to be a nation of laws, not men.

But where the Nixon Administration ultimately cooperated with congressional Democrats–who gleefully aired Nixon’s dirty laundry for partisan political advantage, to shame Republicans for generations, to pretend Democrats are ethically and morally superior-the Obama Administration has stonewalled every Republican investigation into their obvious wrongdoing.

Hillary, the Obama Administration, and the Democratic National Committee need to be investigated because they have transformed our constitutional republic into a Democrat controlled oligarchy of men, not laws.  Trump’s triumph and that of the Republicans in the Congress may be our last chance to restore our constitutional republic as a nation obedient to law.

For example, the constitutional rights of millions of Americans apparently have been violated by the Obama Administration’s abuse of the IRS to withhold nonprofit status from thousands of organizations suspected of being “politically incorrect.”

For example, President Obama illegally used executive orders to make law and failed to enforce laws controlling illegal immigration, apparently to transform the American electorate into a people dependent on government who will reliably vote for Democrats and the Welfare State.

For example, Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has apparently been used for partisan political purposes, not only to shield Hillary and her cronies, but to selectively target Republicans.  In 2014 eleven (11) Republican governors were under indictment or investigation, including four running for the White House, and General David Petraeus, feared by Democrats as a likely Republican presidential nominee.

For example, ever since the Kennedys stole the 1960 presidential election from Nixon by stuffing ballot boxes in Chicago, the Democrats have probably been committing massive voter fraud.  That is why Democrats so strenuously object to Voter ID laws, even invoking the nonsensical argument that such laws are “racist.”

One wonders if Hillary’s alleged lead in the popular vote is real.  How many Hillary voters are dead people?

If there is no investigation of Hillary and her cronies, the Left and big media will continue to tell their big lies.  The first step toward healing is Truth.  The truth will set us free.

2 thoughts on “Pardon Hillary?

  1. Powerful!!! You are so right. And, the Truth will set us free. No man (or woman) should be above the law… even those in the highest office.

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