Huma Abedin Never Had Security Clearance & Secretary Clinton Allowed Her Un-authorized Access

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* In documents disclosed to Citizen Researcher Dr. Larry Kawa by the US State Department, Huma Abedin signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (SF-312) for classified information under penalty of perjury.
* In the agreement Abedin is advised against “negligent handling of classified information” could cause “irreparable injury” to the United States.
* In addition Abedin agrees that “unauthorized disclosure of classified information by me” could result in the violation of several intelligence and security laws, including the espionage act.
* Disclosure of classified information to Anthony Weiner through “negligent handling of classified information” would be a violation of this agreement, and a felony.  Aiding and Abetting Huma Abedin to commit this crime or cover it up would also be a felony.
* The Non-Disclosure & the Separation Agreement also reveal significant deficiencies at the State Department as several sections were never counter signed by the State Department.



* The Separation Statement (OF-109) affirmatively states that she has returned all classified material to the State Department and does not have access to any classified information.
* The Anthony Weiner email scandal revealed that Huma Abedin still had access to classified information on her Yahoo! account, which was accessed from Weiner’s laptop.
* In other document releases, it was revealed that Hillary Rodham Clinton typically sent classified emails to Huma Abedin’s unsecure Yahoo! account  to be printed.  This would be a felony on the part of Hillary Rodham Clinton for illegally transferring classified documents through an insecure system, ultimately exposing them to individuals who did not have security clearance and potentially exposing them to hostile actors.
* On Sept. 22 2016, according to CNN and other sources, more than 500 million Yahoo! accounts were hacked.  Hackers likely gained access to Huma Abedin’s Yahoo account.

* This raises the question that in addition to classified information existing electronically within Clinton servers, Huma Abedin has printed files of classified information that have yet to be accounted for.  Such as revelation would require that a search warrant be issued for her home and business to search for classified material.

 Statement by Dr. Larry Kawa
Initial access to these documents was sent to me by deputy assistant secretary of state Margaret Grafeld after my mail was tampered with in regards to a FOIA request I did for Hillary Clinton separation statement. There is still an open Senate investigation regarding a Mail temperature charge.
The first document known as an SF – 312 is a nondisclosure agreement for classified information. Huma Abedin signed onto the binding terms and conditions under threat of perjury. Please note condition number seven makes her potentially guilty under the espionage act… 18 USC 793 and 1924. She did not sign onto the required line swearing that she had a security briefing. That is a necessary condition in order to have top secret security clearance, a condition which was never met.
She also was not accepted under the acceptance line since she was never briefed. The SF-312 is a document that every state employee signs on the on ramp as they begin their tenure at the state department.
The OF – 109 separation statement is a document they sign up on the departure to be sure that security clearance has been cut off. The state department under the watch of the Obama administration is also supposed to have a DS – 1904 form signed from someone at the state department to ensure that classified access has been cut off. The DS – 1904 form apparently was never signed in the state department has been unable to produce. Such is the case with with many if not most of their employees.
The separation statement for Abedin reflects that she had knowledges that she swore under the threat of perjury that she she not only had her classified access cut off but that she would not communicate or transmit any data to any person without security clearance, coincidentally she didn’t have security clearance herself. Ever.
Furthermore in regards to her separation statement, the terms of her departure would never excepted by anyone at the state department as evidenced by the lack of acceptance into the signature line in the acceptance box. Additionally, under section 6 she criminally violated the espionage act under 18 USC 1001.
Incidentally it is a requirement of the law for all employees of the state department to sign a separation statement under 12 FAM (Foreign Affairs Manual) 564.4. No such document appears to exist for Hillary Clinton. There also is no DS – 1904 available for Hillary Clinton either which would suggest that classified access has been cut off upon her departure from State.
It is worth noting that in these documents executive order 12958 was later replaced with executive order 13526. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton violated sections 1.5 and 1.6 of executive order 13526, and executive order delineating protocols for classification and national security. It is also worth noting Vent on the Executive Order 13526 section 5.5 D there is a specific sanction delineating that at the very least, based on extremely careless actions in regards to failure to classify documents, Hillary Clinton’s security clearance should be promptly revoked by the then head of the agency, being John Kerry. That means that HRC should not be getting security briefings at this time as it is in violation of this executive order.
Lastly, as a point of interest, while Executive Order 13526 was signed by Barack Obama to replace Executive Order 12958, it is worth noting that executive order 12958, referenced in the NDA’s for Clinton, Abedin, and Mills, was signed by President Bill Clinton. All three of these individuals violated this executive order without being sanctioned.
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