Worried about the Poll Numbers?

Socialism is not the Answer

Worried about the poll numbers? Why?

Need I remind you that most of these numbers come from the same sources that tell you the economy is doing fine, unemployment is at its lowest in years, and if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. This is the same BS they pulled when Regan was running against Carter. It’s all lies.

Look at the crowd Trump draws in…….


Image via dailystormer.com

and then there is Hillary………


Image via tigerdroppings.com

Remember, it’s We the People and not the media who are suppose to vote these guys in office.

2 thoughts on “Worried about the Poll Numbers?

  1. Excellent find Dragon and on the nails. I’m concerned that with the ballot theft going on that would be the only way she would be able to end up with the keys to the White House when the world knows She and Slike belong in the “Big House, Thanks, taking to my spot. J.C.

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