Border Crisis: Illegal Crossings Far Higher Than Official Numbers

Jim Campbell's

crew-2231211This should come as little or no surprise.

Donald Trump has warned American about this, and he is right.

24094572Head of border patrol union says government has ‘lyd to the American people’


by Brendan Kirby

Oct. 10, 2016

trump-bp-may2016-twtrA new Department of Homeland Security study revises and lowers the estimated success rate in stopping illegal immigrants crossing the southern border, but even that figure paints a misleading picture, according to the president of the union representing border patrol officers.

The Associated Press said last week that the report, which has not yet been made public, estimates that 54 percent of the roughly 315,000 people trying to cross the border in fiscal year 2015 succeeded. That is significantly worse than the 81 percent success rate in stopping illegal border crossings that the government officially claims.

 “Being an agent, myself, I know those numbers just aren’t true … It’s just disappointing that…

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One thought on “Border Crisis: Illegal Crossings Far Higher Than Official Numbers

  1. This may seem to others as Cold Blooded, Heartless, No Remorse, and just plain Murder, but a simple way to put a stop to Illegal Immigration is available. Post signs every 50 yards on the border that says “Illegal Immigrants will be shot on sight”, and have small guard towers manned by trained individuals ready to enforce what the signs say. It would be in effect until the wall is built, and be an extremely effective deterrent. While I do not agree with everything that Trump stands for (I am a realist and a firm believer in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights), I firmly and very aggressively belive that Trump is by far a better choice than Hellary. Would anyone want a president that has proven ties with Radical (Or just plain believers in) Islam, that can’t seem to keep Classified and Top Secret info out of enemy hands- and then lies about it under oath, has very obvious and proven ties to the murder of a US Ambassador and CIA Agents and yet swears it happened because of an internet video and then states “What does it matter” about their deaths and the leaking of US Secrets under her direct responsibility. She wants to eliminate most of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, focusing on the 1st thru 5th Amendments (Mostly the 1st and 2nd ones). Whoever wants this needs to leave the country because the rest of us will happily fight to our ends to protect those rights, for us- our families- and for you. That is what patriots are all about, and while I realize you may never understand that it won’t stop us from doing the right thing and fighting till our deaths we will go on Praying that you will eventually understand what this country is all about AND what real sacrifice means.

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