Attention RNC this is a serious warning: The kamikaze fleet is revving up its engines

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I’ll get right to it; if you don’t get the Victory Fund back up and working for Donald Trump you will destroy Trump, destroy America and destroy the Republican Party because we will destroy you.

Trump supporters have a deep wide and continuous well of enthusiasm for saving America and we will not stand by and reward you for your treachery. You represent the politics as usual that people hate. Do you hear that? You are everything we hate about politics.

Although it is a sure thing that your media friends will now start churning out polls showing that the America public “just loves” Congressional Republicans; they will be false and you know it. Believe them at your own peril.

The only enthusiasm in this election is among Trump supporters. That enthusiasm currently gives him an 11 point edge in enthusiasm among his supporters versus Hillary Clinton’s supporters. On Friday Fox News reported the spread to be 70/57 so it is growing not fading.

This 11 point enthusiasm is spread evenly across all groups. Nevertheless, White men are especially enthused about Trump (look these things up, I won’t do your work for you) and these supporters will not vote for your candidates when they recognize your treachery.

Your candidates have an 11% approval rating. Regardless of what the media has been feeding you; if Trump gives the word, even in the abstract, millions of voters will walk in, vote Trump and stop right there.

A sizable portion of Trump’s supporters are people who have not voted in years, have never voted and/or are Democrats or former Democrats who will have no trouble at all stopping after they vote for Donald Trump.

Your cowardly retreat has merely reinforced the feeling of betrayal a large majority of rank and file Republicans have when they think of you.

If you want to pull another 2006 the Democrats will be only too happy to help you as they did then. If you don’t make a quick reversal YOU will invigorate Democrats by giving them hope of winning.

If your cowardice leads to Trump’s defeat YOU, not Trump, will have the blood and destroyed lives of at least four generations of Americans, many yet to be born, on your hands.

Millions of voters will see YOU not Trump as the cause of our European-like misery in the future and the Republican Party will be relegated to a well- deserved status of permeant minority for decades. Your Party be back to its weak ineffective 1930s levels.

We are revving up the engines of our kamikaze planes right now. As we fly to the polls we will gladly grab your arm and pull you over the cliff with us. Don’t doubt that.

Please come to your senses and get back to work. Time is short and we have to pull together to save America.

Oh and remember, there are just so many jobs on K Street and many of you will be not only unemployed but unemployable. Nobody likes a quisling.

3 thoughts on “Attention RNC this is a serious warning: The kamikaze fleet is revving up its engines

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Then it’s up to the bloggers to put up a wall of steel and let the kamikazes fly straight into it. The Ship, comes First!

  2. California and its 55 electoral votes loom large… I’d like to see a slew of Democrats there with intact consciences, vote for Trump, and turn that lib state red this election. PAYBACK in spades!

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