The Real Deplorables

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US Defense Watch

By Ray Starmann

Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats think that half of America consists of a basket of Deplorables; which includes gun owners, Christians, libertarians, veterans, rural America and those souls on the ‘Alt Right’ who believe in inalienable rights and the pursuit of happiness.

In actuality, the real basket of Deplorables is the myriad of horrendous facts which confirm that the last seven years of the Obama administration have been an absolute and unmitigated disaster domestically and internationally.

Without further ado, the Real Deplorables:

The nation has the lowest labor participation rate since the 1970’s, with nearly 94 million Americans out of the work force.

Across America, one out of five households has no one employed, part time or full time.

45 million Americans or 14.5% of the nation lives below the poverty line.

The median income has declined since 2005.  Many Americans haven’t seen a pay raise in over a decade.

47.5 million Americans or nearly 1 in 6 Americans are on food stamps.

67 million American receive welfare benefits.

2.4 million US jobs were outsourced in 2015.

On average, 15 US factories close and/or relocate overseas every day.

Obamacare is a complete and utter debacle, with the average premiums for a 30 year old, $482 and $800 for a 50 year old to obtain plans with low deductibles. Major health care companies like Blue Cross and Aetna have pulled out of the system in many states.

A bureaucratic octopus of an educational system that spends $11,600 per pupil, the highest amount of any nation in the world, yet is ranked 17th globally because of leftist school administrators and a complete collapse in school discipline.

A foreign policy in shambles with such noted disasters as Libya, the Egyptian Revolution, the Syrian Civil War, the complete pullout from Iraq, the Russian Reset and the Iran Nuclear Deal and subsequent ransom payments.

The US military is in a state of social, budgetary and readiness anarchy. Social engineers have wrecked the military and used it as a laboratory to implement every leftist crackpot scheme imaginable. The military is also beset with serious budget issues that have forced the Marines to cannibalize spare parts and the Air Force to scour boneyards for planes. The US Army is the smallest it has been since 1940.

Across the world our enemies harass and intimidate us, knowing all too well there will be no response from Obama or Kerry or Ash Carter.

American infrastructure is crumbling, cracking and disintegrating. Our bridges are on the verge of collapse. Our roads are filled with pot holes and telephone poles still line streets in an era of supercomputers and fiber optic communications.

The US trade deficit was $531 billion in 2015, with the US simply incapable of exporting more goods than we import, thanks to massive outsourcing of jobs and American factories.

In the US, 1 in 6 Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 are in jail or unemployed.

The US National Debt is $19.5 trillion as of tonight. On January 20, 2009, when President Obama was sworn in, the debt was $10.626 trillion. The Obama administration has accumulated more debt than any presidential administration in history.

These are the Real Deplorables, the disastrous set of facts and figures racked up by Les Incompetents in the White House. Yet, who does Hillary Clinton blame for America’s problems? She puts the blame on the good, honest, patriotic, religious working folks of America who have had enough and simply want nothing more than a better life for themselves and their children.

The Democrats having nothing to stand on in this election except a trash heap of failure called the Real Deplorables.

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