Mike Ditka to Colin Kaepernick: If you don’t like this country, get the hell out


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Hot Air

Alternate headline: “Ditka wraps up 2020 Republican nomination.”

“I think it’s a problem,” Ditka said. “Anybody who disrespects this country and the flag. If they don’t like the country, they don’t like our flag, get the hell out.”…

“I have no respect for Colin Kaepernick,” Ditka added. “He probably has no respect for me, that’s his choice. My choice is that I like this country, I respect our flag, and I don’t see all the atrocities going on in this country that people say are going on.”

That’s as pure as nationalism gets. What does he think of Richard Sherman’s press conference, I wonder? You can object to Kaepernick because he’s protesting the anthem, because he’s turning the game on Sunday into a political spectacle, and/or because he’s criticizing the police. Sherman did only the last of those three. If that’s “get the hell out” grounds too, I don’t know what an acceptable form of criticism would be.

Interesting numbers via ESPN:

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The Real Deplorables


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US Defense Watch

By Ray Starmann

Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats think that half of America consists of a basket of Deplorables; which includes gun owners, Christians, libertarians, veterans, rural America and those souls on the ‘Alt Right’ who believe in inalienable rights and the pursuit of happiness.

In actuality, the real basket of Deplorables is the myriad of horrendous facts which confirm that the last seven years of the Obama administration have been an absolute and unmitigated disaster domestically and internationally.

Without further ado, the Real Deplorables:

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