Poll: Conspiracy theories more believable than Hillary Clinton


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Red Alert Politics

Millennials are more prone to believe in conspiracy theories than older Americans. Blame it on young people’s need to challenge the establishment, or just being on the internet too much. In fact, Gen Y trusts conspiracy theories more than they trust Hillary Clinton.

Only 30 percent of millennials find the Democratic nominee to be honest or trustworthy according to an Economist/YouGov poll released on Sept. 14.

Nearly just as many young Americans were likely to believe that big pharmaceutical companies create new diseases and release them into the public to make money. According to a report by Public Policy Polling released back in 2013, 27 percent of millennials supported that idea.

The existence of aliens is also much more believable than anything Clinton says — 44 percent of millennials believe in extraterrestrial life.

Almost a majority of young Americans, 48 percent, believe that former President George W. Bush misled the country about weapons of mass destruction to invade Iraq.

Conspiracies about the New World Order and global warming being a hoax are also tied with Clinton’s honest and trustworthiness, 29 and 31 percent, respectively.

Given the choice to believe an alien was in their backyard or that Clinton did not send or receive confidential emails on her private server, it’s very possible that more millennials would go out to their yard to meet E.T.
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