Confirmed: Army Training Slide Calling Hillary an Insider Threat Is Real


PJ Media

An Army spokesman has confirmed that a training slide that lists Hillary Clinton as an “insider threat” is real. The slide — which shows Hillary Clinton pictured along with the Fort Hood and Navy Yard shooters — became an internet sensation after it was posted on the U.S. Army W.T.F! Moments Facebook page on Sunday.

Via the Washington Examiner:

The other photos show retired Gen. David Petraeus, who gave classified information to his biographer and mistress; Nidal Hasan, who carried out the Fort Hood shooting; Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor who exposed classified information before seeking asylum in Russia; Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard shooter; and Chelsea Manning, who gave classified information to WikiLeaks.

Asked for comment, an Army spokesman confirmed that the photo showed a real training slide that was developed 18 months ago and used locally to teach best practices for handling classified information and maintaining operational security. Maj. Thomas Campbell, a U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command spokesman, said the training slide has been removed.

“As is common with Army training requirements, the local unit was given latitude to develop their own training products to accomplish the overall training objective. This particular presentation had not been reviewed or approved by the unit’s leadership, and does not reflect the position of the Army,” Campbell said.

Why not? She’s perfectly relevant to the topic. There is no better recent example of what not to do with classified material than Hillary Clinton.

As Clinton has been caught lying about her unsecured emails repeatedly — and she continues to lie about them to this day — she certainly should be considered an insider threat to national security.

H/T Free Republic

3 thoughts on “Confirmed: Army Training Slide Calling Hillary an Insider Threat Is Real

  1. CLINTON IS A GREAT THREAT…she and Obama both.

    Clinton is an evil and toxic “Opportunist”. She doesn’t care who the help (or $) comes from as long as she WANTS WHAT SHE WANTS and NEEDS.

    She is not even “slick” about her actions. It is as if she is rubbing our noses in it chiding us “You can’t do anything about me”.

    P.S. Some bloggers refer to Trump as being a Narcisist. Trump is VERY Confident.

    Clinton IS a Sociopath with severe Narcisistic Features. She is capable of anything as long as it benefits her.

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