FBI Agents: Clinton Foundation Scandal & Soros Could Bring Entire Government Down

Jim Campbell's

crew-2231211If the information in the article below is true as laid out by anonymous FBI agents.

This is not just a Hillary Clinton issue but the entire federal government involvement’s in crimes unimaginable  to those who still believe in our government.


These crimes will blow the lid off of our current government as we know it.

Perhaps it’s time to bring down the entire government and start over.

What have Republican’s leadership in both the House of Represented yielded? 

Exactly nothing and that is an additional excellent reason to bring the entire country down.

***This must be accomplished with the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and not attempted until those who believe in a Constitutionally driven Republic are ready to take charge.***

2016-01-12-13c54280_largeHillary Clinton is as far away from the Founding Fathers vision of a Constitutionally driven as anyone with the exception of Obama.

She is not fit to serve…

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Trump Was Right: FOIA Document Shows Obama and Hillary Knew Their Actions Would Create ISIS

The Gateway Pundit


Trump was right.

A declassified and released FOIA document from 2012 shows that Obama and Hillary knew their actions would destabilize eastern Syrian and allow a Salafist principality to take hold of the region.

Judicial Watch released this 2012 document

salafist syria foia request


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