Reckless Hillary and the Pirates of the Arabian, a Picture Essay


Free Republic

“Crooked” is a label that aptly fits Hillary Clinton, but the FBI and WikiLeaks revelations regarding Hillary’s private email server and 33,000 deleted emails points to another apt label for Hillary: reckless.

Hillary’s foreign policy mistakes — even traitorist activity — in the Middle East are “reckless” in two senses, for they show: 1) a careless lack of attention to detail, and 2) a coldness or lack of caring about what happens to the people her actions affect and even our Nation.

Trump and his team are doing a fantastic job of exposing Hillary’s and Obama’s reckless and misguided strategy in the Arabian or Middle Eastern World.  I’m simply going to reiterate those points and add some perspective.

The Barbary Pirates of Tripoli

America has actually been fighting in the Middle East since the birth of the Nation.  In the late 18th century, American ships bound to Italy and other Mediterranean ports were routinely seized and plundered by the Barbary Pirates who sailed out of Tripoli, Libya.

Even back then, America was highly reliant on trade with the Old World, and since we lacked a Navy to defend our merchant ships, the only recourse we had was to pay outrageous ransom fees to the Pirates to guarantee safety of the cargos and crews.

Now the merchant shipping of Great Britain and France were protected from the Pirates because of their formidable naval fleets.  But for America, the Barbary Pirate problem festered for years until President Thomas Jefferson finally pushed through funding to build a Navy and Marine Corps.

The heroism of the American Navy and Marines in that day is exemplified by the young naval commander Stephen Decatur.  His fascinating naval career is equal to or better than that of John Paul Jones.

Legend and lore also say the Marine nickname, “leatherneck” was derived from leather neckbands worn in Barbary Wars to protect Marines from the slash of the Barbary Pirate cutlass on the Shores of Tripoli.

The below GIMP image merges some famous artwork showing Stephen Decatur’s battles in Tripoli with a mashup of Hillary Clinton and the octopus face of Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean.

A Great Statesman in Her Own Mind

You can be sure that Hillary imagines herself as an exemplary diplomat and power broker.

Look at the photo below.  Hillary seems to be proud of wearing a Muslim veil, and in the picture you almost sense that Obama and Valerie Jarret are embarrassed by Hillary’s proud gestures.

But the truth is that Obama, Jarrett and Hillary were huge bunglers in the Middle East.  They supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and took the rebel side in the so-called Arab Spring — a movement that backfired.  The Muslim Brotherhood began burning Christian churches across Egypt to the point where they were quickly overthrown by the Egyptian military.

The Faux “Warrior” Laughs at the Death of Gaddafi

When Julius Caesar wrote in his history of the Gallic Wars history Veni, Vidi, Vici, we can forgive his hubris because he was indeed a great general.  And at certain critical points in the Gallic Wars, he had personally put himself in great danger when he fought on the front lines to rally his soldiers.

Hillary, on the other hand, showed no shame or prudence in bragging about the death of Gaddafi saying “We came, we saw, he DIED” and then despicably laughing about it on public television.  In doing so, she basically spat upon the warrior’s code of chivalry and honor.

Then Libya was Sent into Terrorism & Chaos

We can only imagine the disappointment Hillary felt after Gaddafi was overthrown and utter lawlessness prevailed in the country.  Even today, many years after Gaddafi was murdered, ISIS and other radical groups are still wrestling for control of the country and no central government really exists.

Libya was supposed to “prove” Hillary’s foreign affairs finesse — she thought it was her ticket to the White House.

But then along came the attack on the Benghazi.  After repeated cries for help, way before and during the attack, Hillary failed to respond and some brave American including an ambassador died because of her inaction.

And to further dishonor our heroes, Hillary concocted a ridiculous story about a video having caused the Benghazi attack in protest — a story we later found out she knew to be false because an email she sent to her daughter denied any protest took place.

And now, the WikiLeaks emails are beginning to show that Hillary and Obama had much to hide in Libya, namely a gun running operation that was supplying arms to Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the rebels in Syria.

The Iranian Nuclear Deal and Hostage Ransom

If Thomas Jefferson was alive today, he’d be appalled that America is still paying ransom to our adversaries in the Middle East.

Not only was the Iran Nuclear Deal not properly negotiated, we learned very recently that $400 million was secretly money laundered and paid to the Iranians in exchange for returning American hostages.

Obama denies it, but the secrecy of this arrangement proves Obama knew that if word leaked out about it, it would cause he and Hillary some major political headaches — which it has.

The Clinton Foundation’s Traitorous Pay-to-Play Games

Last but not least is Hillary’s utter corruption through the Clinton Foundation.

While the public is just now beginning to understand the true nature of this complex Foundation that operates out of Canada and masks as “helping the poor” but actually enriched the Clintons at the expense of our national interests by playing off Hillary’s powerful role as Secretary of State.

Wikileaks releases, whistle-blowers, and fresh government investigations will no doubt give us greater detail on the Clinton Foundation in the weeks and months ahead.

* * * * * * *Reckless, corrupt, stupid, deceitful, and traitorous.  Hillary and her accomplices are not only the Pirates of the Arabian world, they have severely damaged America’s foreign policy and threatened our national security.

Lock ’em up!

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