Jihad is not ‘Mental Illness’ – Willful Blindness is

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A top expert on the Islamic supremacists’ Sharia legal code and the jihad it commands, has issued a warning about a new epidemic of violence by individuals shouting “Allahu Akhbar.”

But, Robert Spencer, the director of JihadWatch.com, notes in a powerful new video that – according to government officials and media outlets around the globe – the perpetrators are exhibiting one form or another of “mental illness.” Time after time, no mention is made of their commitment to jihad or to Sharia.

Now, there may, indeed, be a psychological disorder at work. But that would be the mental illness known as “willful blindness” about Islamic supremacism.

Unfortunately, this form of official and media insanity is getting people killed by impeding an accurate diagnosis and treatment of the real disease afflicting us with growing virulence: the Islamists’ determination to conquer the entire planet.