Why should I believe what Bill said about Hillary at the DNC?


American Thinker

Why should I believe a serial sexual predator, congenital liar, serial adulterer, seller of the Lincoln bedroom, seller of pardons, and releaser of Puerto Rican Terrorists and good buddy of convicted pedophile billionaire Jeff Epstein? Why would I believe someone who jacked up his speech prices when his wife became Secretary of State and someone who would just lie about Hussein having WMD’s?

Bill said he was going to correct the cartoonish depiction the Republicans gave of his wife but I believe I have spotted some things he must have left out inadvertently.

He forgot that she took $100,000 in kickbacks on cattle futures, that she pretended not to know about the Jennifer Flowers affair on Sixty Minutes, that she misplaced the Rose Law firm billing records, that somehow 900 FBI files showed up at the White House, that she fired the travel office and then she continually lied about it, that they trashed Billy Dale, that she falsely blamed a right wing conspiracy for that pesky Monica Lewinsky thing, that she trashed women who dared tell the truth about Bill’s habits, that she lied when she claimed Hussein had WMD’s in order to vote for the Iraq war, that she lied about her email system, (willingly violating national security laws and the Freedom of Information Act, that she didn’t lift a finger to save lives in Benghazi and falsely blamed a video, lying to Congress, the public and to the family of those that died.

Maybe he could have pointed out that she said she had absolutely no responsibility for security at our overseas facilities and that she didn’t send or receive one classified document in her four years as Secretary of State.

Maybe Bill could have explained where the world is better off after the last 7½ years of Hillary, Obama and Kerry.  When people say that she is the most qualified person ever to run for President they could possibly list accomplishments.  Traveling, holding a title, knowing peoples’ names and being born a woman are not actual accomplishments.

Bill could explain how the smartest woman in the World didn’t understand security laws, the Freedom of Information Act and the Inspector General Laws and what perjury is.

Possibly Bill could explain why it is so important to continue and expand on Obama’s policies, which have given us one of the slowest economic recoveries in history, pension- and savers-punishing interest rates, $9 Trillion in new debt, a 38 year low in the labor participation rate, a 48 year low in home ownership rates, stagnant median income (although Washington DC residents have done very well), record food stamp usage, bankrupt coal companies and people losing their doctors and health care plans they liked.

Hillary’s and the Democrats’ proposed policy to expand on this fantastic record is to take more money and power from the public and give it to DC.  Hillary also seems to have comprehension problems concerning the Constitution and Separation of Powers because she wants to expand on Obama’s abuse of executive power, especially on immigration and guns.

Maybe Bill should have bragged that while median family income is flat at around $50,000, Hillary has been able to use her public service to get over $250,000 for less than one hour speeches (which we aren’t allowed to see) from colleges and businesses.  I am sure the poor and middle class will know how much Hillary cares for them.

And since $250,000 for a twenty-minute speech is not enough, I know the poor, middle class, seniors and minorities will appreciate how much Hillary works for them when she asks for the following additional perks when she gives a speech.

A chartered Jet, (Gulfstream 450 or Larger), Round trip business class tickets for two advance staffers who will arrive three days prior to speech, Hotel accommodations which should be a Presidential suite and three adjoin rooms, ground transportation and all Phone, Cell usage and meals.

Hillary and Bill truly care about the poor and how much they worry about their carbon footprint.

Isn’t it interesting that Hillary will not hold press conferences because that is not what she is good at but that she supposedly is an expert on policy and somehow is worth $250,000 per short speech Companies and countries wouldn’t be buying access and favors would they?

We can expect a husband to enhance his wife’s accomplishments, especially one to whom he has been unfaithful for forty years.  It would be nice if the media were honest instead of repeating the fictional glorified account.

It is also fictional to believe Hillary had no knowledge that the DNC was trying to stack the election in her favor.  Instead of being interested in the contents of the emails, most of the media is just repeating the Democrat talking points that the Russians were responsible and they want Trump.

Why did the Obama controlled FBI wait until now to investigate the hack since the DNC knew about it in April?

Hillary’s over 700 member campaign staff and the media must remake Hillary’s image for the umpteenth time after forty years in public life because the truth is so unattractive.

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