There’s No Substitute for Victory Over Jihad

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Even before the beheading yesterday of an elderly Catholic priest as he said mass in Normandy, France’s top internal security official warned that his country was on the brink of civil war.

To avoid facing eventually a similar prospect here, we must do three things:

First, stop importing jihadists. Whatever their number, we already have too many here. We don’t need, and can’t afford to bring in more – as Europe is still doing.

Second, we must designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and roll up its jihadist infrastructure in America – the Sharia-adherent mosques, front groups and influence operations that encourage and often enable the Islamic supremacists efforts to destroy Western civilization.

Third, we must seek nothing less than Victory over Jihad. As Ronald Reagan famously said, “There is no substitute for victory.” We cannot live with, or accept, anything less.

2 thoughts on “There’s No Substitute for Victory Over Jihad

  1. I agree with most but the first one is an issue. It’s not just Jihad- it’s Islam. While you can be Muslim and not follow Islam, there is no way to follow Islam and believe in living in peace with those who don’t follow Islam. The Rules- Commandments- whatever they are forbid it. If you take the time to read the Quran it explains everything. You aren’t to lie- cheat- steal- kill another who follows Islam BUT you are allowed and even encouraged to do these things and more to those who do not believe or follow Islam, as long as it furthers the cause of Islam. Convert or kill infidels. INFIDELS are those who DO NOT FOLLOW ISLAM.

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