The Gravest Threat to America is the Democratic Party

US Defense Watch

As ISIS animals murder a priest in an ancient Normandy church, the Democrats preach love to our enemies across the world.

As a Syrian scumbag detonates a suicide bomb at a music festival in Ansbach, Bavaria, the Democrats speak in 1960’s platitudes about peace.

As a Muslim monster and guest of Mrs. Merkel hacks a pregnant woman to death on the streets of Germany, the Democrats hold a sit in and demand more free stuff from the government.

While the so called “religion of peace” creates mayhem across the West, the Democrats want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

The flags are flying high this week in Philly. That is, the Palestinian flag, the flag of the former Soviet Union and Mexican flags. The US flag was AWOL until an Internet firestorm brought those patriotic Democrats to go buy a Stars and Stripes and place it on stage.

The world is snowballing into tyranny, anarchy, rape, murder and destruction on the Democratic Party’s watch.

The world is cascading into oblivion and the Democratic Party nominee is a woman whose policies helped create ISIS, whose policies created chaos in Libya and Egypt and Syria and in Iraq. The Democratic Party nominee is a woman responsible for the “Russian Reset”, which ignited a new Cold War.

Yesterday, 61 people spoke at the DNC. Not one speaker discussed the worldwide cancer of ISIS. Not one. Instead, there were incessant calls for gender neutrality, open borders, unlimited immigration and destroying Wall Street, even though their criminal nominee is Wall Street’s biggest ghost payroller.

As of tonight, there has been no talk about strengthening the military, much the military at all. There has been no discussion of national security. Instead, the Democrats parade a lineup of Hollywood liberals to the podium like Elizabeth Banks and Eva Longoria, who said that “Her family never crossed the border. The border crossed us.” What the hell is she talking about? Is that some kind of La Raza double speak? Instead, the Democrats parade a lineup of female speakers who look like escapees from a public school administration and who hammer the audience with the traditional nauseating plate of women’s rights issues that the world has heard for 45 years.

To the Democrats there will be no talk this week about national security, because they believe everything is going well on Obama’s watch. ISIS is no big deal. The greatest threat to America is climate change. No, the greatest threat to America is the Democratic Party. President Obama doesn’t want to fight ISIS because he’s a closet Muslim and a left wing ideologue. His party doesn’t want to fight ISIS because like the pathetic cowards running Western Europe, they believe that evil can be stopped by appeasement.

You certainly can’t have disastrous national security policies without un-documented Muslims pouring into your country like an army of ants at a company picnic. To the Democrats, anyone who states that Muslim immigration from countries that support terrorism should be temporarily halted is a racist and an honorary member in the SS. It’s lunacy of the highest order.

Apparently, the United States, like the socialist zombies of the EU, must put itself in mortal danger by opening its doors to young Muslim men, many of whom hate America, the West, Christianity and who are just itching to detonate suicide bombs for Allah. And, oh by the way, turn in all your guns too, because the French love being unarmed soft targets right now.

As part of their disastrous, irrational, insane national security trifecta, the Democrats want open borders and many indeed desire unlimited Mexican immigration because more Hispanics means a bigger voting block to replace the 99% of white American men who have fled the hen pecking Democratic Party. While most Mexicans only seek a job and a Costco Executive Card, the lack of security on our Southern border, is an open door for those from the big sandbox who seek our destruction.

Humphrey, McGovern, Carter, Mondale, Ferraro, Dukakis, Obama, Hillary and Bernie Sanders; the Democrats never seem to learn anything about national security. They view the world they want it to be, rather than the way it is. It’s more than obvious that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, with their naïve, feckless view of the world, are simply incapable of defending this country and furthermore, may in fact be the gravest threat to America’s security.

2 thoughts on “The Gravest Threat to America is the Democratic Party

  1. I would say that Americas Well Organized Militia- in other words the Citizens of our Nation who believe in our Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and The Constitution of the United States of America- who are ready and willing to fight for our country against ALL ENEMIES Foreign and Domestic- get geared up and ready. Between the DNC, BLM, followers of Islam, Black Panthers, on top of our foreign enemies just waiting for the right time to move, THIS COUNTRY IS IN THE WORST SITUATION IT’S EVER BEEN IN. If you love this country, and come to this site and the ones associated with it for the truth of what is really going on then I suggest you do all you can to be ready for an internal conflict that will turn this country on its ear, because that is exactly what the DNC, Obumma, Hellary, and ALL associated with them are after. If you doubt it, do more research- but do it fast

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