Republicans Might Be Looking to Cave to the Muslim Brotherhood Next Week


Independent Sentinel

We have witnessed recent radical Islamic terror attacks and thanks to the lack of any real opposition, the left has been able to make the failed terrorism policies of this administration into conversations about gun violence and Islamophobia. Some even blamed the GOP for the Orlanda attack.

Instead of dealing with the issues, side issues become the issues and our legislators come up with more big government programs and waste more money that will never be accounted for. They have just such a program coming up next week.

Senator Ted Cruz conducted a hearing last week in which it was revealed that the Department of Homeland Security under Jeh Johnson has been deleting counter-terrorism research and terminology. It is being done at the request of Muslim Brotherhood organizations.

When Johnson was asked about it by Cruz, he arrogantly stated that he knew nothing of it. He has no intention of checking it out either.

One might have thought the Republicans would put up a fight but they haven’t. So far they have rejected anti-gun measures that take away our Due Process rights and we must be grateful for that. However, they did cave on the terrorism issue in general.

The Republicans will take part in a vote on a new bill H.R. 5611 which throws more big government and more unaccountable money at a department that is meant to grow into a Muslim community counter-terrorism program. The Office for Partnerships to Prevent Terrorism will engage Muslims to counter the terrorism by appointing yet another unelected bureaucrat – an assistant secretary – who will be accountable to no one in Congress.

It would be laughable if the next fact weren’t true, but the people intimately involved throughout and the people who will dispense the funds are the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties offices currently filled with leftists such as ACLU types and Islamic terrorist apologists.

Radical groups like CAIR will obviously get the money and they will manage our counter-terrorism program as they have been doing.

Discrimination will be strongly considered every step of the way. That should kill any real efforts at getting to the truth.

There will be ridiculous efforts to keep money from terrorists: A community group or organization is not eligible for a grant under this sub-section if such group or organization has knowingly funded radical Islamist terrorist activities or organizations known to engage in such activities, as determined by the Assistant Secretary for Partnerships to Prevent Terrorism in coordination with the heads of other relevant Federal departments and agencies.

Thanks to the shutting down of many of these counter-terrorism programs, we don’t really know how to connect these dots. There are no dots.

Of course there will be more research – just what we need – more gobbledegook that might have value at Columbia but none in the real world.

Chris Gaubatz is a consultant who trains law enforcement on the global Islamic terrorism movement. The left regards him as a conspiracy theorist. Anyone who deals with radical Islamic terrorism is called an Islamphobe or a conspiracy theorist by the hard-left.

Gaubatz testified at Senator Cruz’s behest and dealt with the terrorist group – Muslim Brotherhood – and affiliates such as CAIR, ISNA and the Holy Land Foundation. We continue to use leaders of these groups as guides in developing our counter-terrorism tactics.

Mr. Gaubatz has uncovered fraud by CAIR as well as their efforts to influence government agencies, specifically judiciary, intelligence and homeland security committees. These radical groups are being used and relied on by our government.

One of the strategies by these groups is to remove words like “jihad” and “sharia” from our lexicon according to Mr. Gaubatz. These radicals have staffers inside congressional offices and have allegedly influenced at least two legislators (Carson and Ellison).

These “helpers” have even tipped off suspects.

We have known since at least 2001 that this is the Muslim Brotherhood plan for taking over the United States, yet we refuse to act.

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