Is the Military Doctoring Reports on ISIS & Covering it Up?

Jim Campbell's

crew-2231211Of course they are. 

“Cursing used as a reason to be moved from one’s job?”bd6b1e5141b789cc50a989c6053f9fd26154f9894e33f98e4b9b20451dc41137

Anyone who believes that the government tells us the truth about anything it doesn’t want us to know has been watching to many cartoons on television.

area_51_book_covereditOne need go no further than Annie Jacobsen’s eye-opening, blistering account of “Area 51.”

The time this took place was during the “Cold War.”

It took her eight years to publish her work after the materials had been declassified.

To date, no evidence has been released on what happened to the scientists and test pilots who worked there.

Whistle-blowers allege that senior officers deliberately misrepresented the war as going well and punished dissenting analysts.  Look for major law suits to follow.


The Pentagon building. (Photo: © David B. Gleason/Creative Commons)

The Clarion Project

May 11, 2016

A senior analyst in the US Central Command’s (CENTCOM) Joint Intelligence Office (J2)…

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