Education Dept encourages Islam in classroom to stop bullying of Muslims

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Isn’t this unconstitutional? Wasn’t there a decades-long struggle to get Christianity out of public school classrooms? Now what had been accepted norms for the separation of religion from public school education are out the window. This initiative to introduce Islam into classroom teaching is based on spurious claims that Muslim students are bullied, when actual FBI statistics show that incidents against Jews are far more common.


“Department Of Education Encourages Islam In Classrooms To Stop Muslim Bullying,” by Diane Palmer, Parent Herald, April 27, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):



The U.S. Department of Education calls educators to include Islam in the curriculum to address the bullying of Muslim students.

The Department of Education (DOE) in the U.S. encouraged educators to be more responsible in protecting Muslim students from bullying by teaching Islam in class. Many people rejected the demands of the DOE’s instructions by saying that it is inappropriate to bring up religion in class.

The DOE posted instructions on their website urging teachers to include Islam in classroom discussions. Educators are encouraged to incorporate experiences of Muslim people into the curriculum through current events, social studies and children’s literature.

The alleged bullying is said to be largely based on the lack of information about the religion and the tendency to associate Islam with terrorism. Although no firm statistics show how often Muslim students are bullied, activists claim that the numbers became higher after the attacks of 9/11, according to Huffington Post.

A 2010 survey of 57 Muslim teenagers aged 11 to 18 reported being called a name because of their faith. About 80 percent of the respondents also said they have been called a ‘terrorist’.

DOE cites an increase in incidents targeting the Muslim community due to the 10 incidents that happened nationwide, according to WND. Of the 10 events, two resulted in assaults, three reported the vandalism of mosques, five involved alleged threats and intimidation and only one involved a student inside school.

Parents were also called to educate their kids on how to prevent bullying. Parents were told to teach how to appreciate their peers and make friends across different cultures.

However, many groups rejected the claim of DOE by organizing a petition drive demanding the department to stop efforts to Islamize children in school. Nowhere in the blog does it talk about incorporating Christian or Judaism into classroom discussions despite far more actual violent attacks on Jews and Christians all over the world, according to Martin Mawyer, president and founder of Christian Action Network….

4 thoughts on “Education Dept encourages Islam in classroom to stop bullying of Muslims

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  2. I’m going to warn you this will be long but I believe it will clear up alot of questions, confirm other questions, open some eyes, but it will be worth the few minutes to read. First the “Progressives” of this Country take a private letter from Thomas Jefferson, of which part of it contains the partial phrase “Separation of Church and State” (In which Jefferson was actually referring to not allowing the Church to dictate or highly influence what the Government should and shouldn’t do, or make laws) and use it to remove-bar-ban ALL things related to the Bible or Christianity from all public schools. If you read Jeffersons’ letter it actually refers to one of the main reasons for our fight for Independence- not allowing the Tyranny of the Church on the people of the Country. Also it should be remembered that the Bible was the most influencial basis for the Laws, Government actions and abilities, and the treatment of the Citizens of this Country. Anyway the Progressives got what they wanted as far as no religion in school, in fact it went further than that and Darwins’ Theory took over. NOW because of Obumma and his Muslim dedications we have Muslims in our Country, neighborhoods and schools. Since we are at war with all Muslims, and they have stated they will not stop until we convert to Islam or are dead, we have for once some very simple choices to make on this issue. First I suggest everyone read the Quran. I’ll make it simple and I’m sure that Dragon and JC will back me up on this. If a Muslim reads and follows the Quran, it strictly states that any non-Muslims are Infidels. The Muslim “Religion” clearly states it’s ok for any Muslim to do the following to any Infidel- lie to, cheat, steal, manipulate, physically abuse (starve, beat, interrogate by any means, kill, make a physical embarrassment of, even skin and display for all infidels to see)- as long as a Muslim doesn’t do it to another Muslim. NOW we have Progressives stating we should accept these people as peaceful members of society with no chance of violence, and literally bow to their wishes and desires. They aren’t Terrorists. I DON’T BUY IT- not for a second. If they read the Quran, especially all of it, want Sharia Law, then I have no doubt they are here for reasons other than “Joining our Society” I suggest that any who doubt these statements do a little research. I stand by my statements. I don’t trust ANY Muslim- I have no reason to trust them and EVERY REASON not to trust them. I suggest you research and think about it.

    • Sharia Law goes against the Constitution which is why Liberals love it so much. I wonder how much they will love it when they are faced with death at the hands of these terrorist?

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