Stunning Announcement: Obama to Release Feces-Throwing Member of Osama’s Brigade

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Independent Sentinel

Barack Obama’s politicized Pentagon is releasing a dozen very dangerous terrorists from GITMO. It starts this weekend and it is being done as terrorism threats grow throughout the world.

Major Montgomery Granger, a former ranking medical department officer in Guantanamo Bay and author of Saving Grace at Guantanamo Bay, appeared on Fox & Friends this morning and was asked by Tucker Carlson what he knew about these detainees.

Granger said that “One of the alleged to be released is Terik Abdullah. He’s a trained Al Qaeda fighter, artillery expert, member of Usama bin Laden’s brigade and captured in December of 2001 and released to U.S. Custody, December 31st, 2001. He arrived at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba a day after I got there, on February 8th, 2002. I watched him get off the plane, get on a bus, get taken to Camp X-Ray, which I detail this in my book “Saving Grace, Guantanamo bay” available on Amazon. And he had a history of misbehavior. He would put urine, feces and other bodily fluid[…], spray it on guards and is currently held in isolation because of his noncompliance.”

He’s only about 38 years old and has years of terrorism in front of him.

“At this time,” Granger continued. “…Statistics used to be around 30% of released detainees are known or suspected to have returned to the battlefield. But the real important thing is the 70% we don’t know about. Where are they? Are they in Paris, San Bernardino?”

Carlson wanted to know what the people who work at GITMO think?

“It’s completely insane,” Granger said. “I mean islamists follow sharia law and people need to understand that islamist is not just a religion, it’s a political movement. They believe in theocracy. Which means their religion is their law. Their civil and criminal law. That’s not compatible with the American Judeo-Christian ethic.”

There are no efforts to rehabilitate these guys, just release them. While they are at GITMO, they aren’t prisoners.

Granger explained, “They’re not prisoners per se they’re detainees. By Geneva convention, they are not to be — they don’t have to be tried or accused of anything. Even while I was there, we would give them children’s welcomes to read. They have a library. If you keep them fat and happy, Tucker, they are less dangerous to themselves and to the guards.”

Carlson said it is “A shame we are not making some effort to change them ideologically…”

“It’s very interesting, we tried…in the beginning, they would play the national anthem and raise the flag at the camp each morning and the commander cut it down,” Granger added astonishingly.

One of the detainees was previously dubbed one of the “worst of the worst” in America’s war on terror. Bah Odah, also called Tariq Ba Odah, a 37-year-old Yemeni, is among the dozen slated for release and resettlement.

All the people being released now are the worst of the worst.

About two dozen released detainees had joined ISIS as of 2014. Obama will release every dangerous terrorist without any concern for the people they will kill because they are collateral damage to his reaching his goal of closing GITMO and fulfilling his self-centered legacy.


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