Europeans Warn America of Civilizational Jihad

Family Security Matters

“Do not let what has happened in Europe and Britain happen to America,” stated Paul Weston, leader of the small British rightwing party Liberty GB, on March 3 at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).  Weston along with the Danish writer Lars Hedegaard warned in apocalyptic terms against an influx of Islamic immigration during a Center for Security Policy (CSP) panel before a standing room only audience of about 60.

After Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney‘s introduction described a “not so much nonviolent as pre-violent” Islamic “civilization jihad,” Hedegaard stated that “Europe as we knew it is just a few years away from a complete breakdown.”  He discussed an ongoing influx that would last several years of millions of economic immigrants to Europe, people who on the basis of past experience with Muslim immigrant communities “have proven to be impossible to integrate.”  According to the European Union’s (EU) Eurostat, Weston noted, 80 percent of these migrants come from outside Syria; among them there is “only a small minority who can claim to be fleeing from war,” Hedegaard concluded.

Hedegaard discussed these migrants crossing the EU’s southern member state borders and then traveling towards the EU’s northern members like Denmark and Germany with their generous welfare systems.  “You cannot maintain a welfare system under these circumstances,” he stated, as immigrants “rip off the native population whose parents and grandparents toiled to create this kind of society.”  He termed the EU a “master con artist” for having violated a promise to guard the EU’s outer borders given in exchange for the abolition of EU-member state border controls under the Schengen agreement.

Hedegaard foresaw such Islamic immigration creating a “checkerboard of various enclaves” that “will not have much to do with each other except for intermittent low intensity warfare.”  The “writ of the law will not run throughout the national territory” as so-called “no-go” areas develop where state authorities such as police and first responders will enter only with great caution.  Europe has not seen something like this coming “international war between one culture and another culture” since the 16-17th century wars of religion between Catholics and Protestants.

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The Scandalous Hillary Days, We Thought They’d Never End


Independent Sentinel

If you want to shut up a Hillary Clinton supporter, just ask them to name Hillary’s accomplishments, other than getting people killed, selling 25% of US uranium to the Russians, and compromising national security that is.

This short and sweet ad from a Super Pac which came to me via Free Beacon sums up the incredibly scandalous life of the Clintons quite well. Keep in mind that Hillary was always the puppeteer.

The Clintons are the reason I left the Democrat party after a proud century-long family tradition of following the path the party had set. The party had became the party of the corrupt and scandalous Clintons.

As an educator I decided I should read her book, It Takes a Village. It was an outline for a socialist, big government-controlled education for all as I was to discover.

Bill was accused of serial womanizing and even of raping two women and when the “Bimbo Eruptions” added to their many scandals, Hillary snuffed them out with a wholesale public assault on their characters. She assumed the duty of directing the “bimbo eruption squad” and scandal defense.

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